Monday, June 8, 2009

The Jills: Maximum Power-Pop!

The Jills were the consummate power-pop-punk band, the ones that got away...till now. Had they come along at any time but the mid nineties, the Jills might've played some variation of Glam Rock. Instead, they toiled in D.I.Y. obscurity in the post-Dookie Canadian pop-punk underground, in an era that is now fit to be excavated (as every decade finally gets the musical Schliemann it deserves).

For all the digging, all you'll find about the band is this web 1.0 gem from,“The Jills were formed in a bug infested Winnipeg apartment in the fall of 1994 by the Seguin brothers, Dee and Justin. The band sold 1,800 copies of its first two releases, Masturbation Vacation and The Jills In Demoland. Punk-influenced amphetamine pop, fun, flavour, and a beer-spitting, Motley Crue, high-energy live show can be expected.”

The Jills Just Wanna Have Fun! demo (released in 1997 and briefly re-issued on CD-R for a one-off reunion show) is their finale; it's Cheap Trick meets Green Day meets fuckin' Abba and it does not let up for a note. You cannot fix your past mistakes but right now you can rescue the Jills from criminally undeserved obscurity.

For reasons unknown the player is not currently working...

{MRML Readers: Do not miss out - listen and then leave us a comment about the Jills!}

Download Jills Just Wanna Have Fun CD-EP

P.S. A grand thanks for the scans goes out CallPastorBob, who is extremely pro-Jills.


  1. Thanks:

  2. thank you,great ,good work

  3. When I checked out The Jills blog (comment #1) I was surprised and began thinking that our home grown anti-heros must have relocated somewhere much less Anglo than Winnipeg (I could totally see 'Peg City Jill's going over a storm in Spain, by the way). But no, it was an entirely different, and yet also wickedly awesome power poppy punk band known as The Jill's. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Or perhaps the Hand Of God going on about His mysterious business?

  4. ...on second listen out-of-town Jill's are bringing more of the Rawk. And that's cool.

  5. Jills

    good name, good band! Thanks for stopping by.


    You're welcome, thanks and good work over there too.

    Yeah I'm sure both Jills can dig the Rawk.


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