Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thee Stash: Sauve As Old Arseholes

Billy Childish and his fellow Headcoats play more full-bore Clash (see here) , this time without fucking up the words.

Download Suave Old Arseholes 7"


  1. Thanks Jeffen!

    This was one of those "heard of, but never seen or heard" singles for me, and it didn't disappoint! Another one crossed off the list...

    And for the link to TWILIGHTZONE!, where the answer to the question who the female singer was with Armitage Shanks on their covers of Orgasm Addict and Love In A Void was found. Perhaps now I can sleep a little more soundly...


  2. Proud to introduce anyone to the awe-inspiring TZ. I can't begin to listen to the sheer quantity of quality they post but I just love what they do.

  3. Thanks for a great blog in general & these 2 Thee Stash singles in particular.

  4. You are welcome and the thanks go both ways!

    (I finally added you to the blogroll, sorry it too so long.)


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