Thursday, June 25, 2009

Self de-construction: A Benefit for Food Not Bombs

The Bonaduces (see here) were never an expressly political band (the vegan-friendly "Soy to the World" aside) but that was the milieu they were a part of. Winnipeg's mid-nineties punk scene was so politicized that even the Christian punk bands wrote songs decrying Christopher Columbus and "the American Jesus"*.

*No slight is meant against the Undecided who released two fine albums with unfortunate cover art on Tooth and Nail back in the late nineties and early aughts. Their final show will be at the Royal Albert on July 24th 2009 alongside the never-say-die Bonaduces.

A sign of the unity of this time was the Rock Against Racism show at Le Rendez-Vous in 1997. The line up included the anarcho- hardcore band Propagandhi, the traditional ska of JFK and the Conspirators, metal band Malefaction, indie-pop-punkers the Bonaduces and Kirby not to mention a visit from local hip-hop legends Mood Ruff. It says a lot about the scene of the time that, other than Koop losing his over-all's mid-Bonaduces set, the jam-packed show went off without a hitch.

Another of the unifying forces of the scene at the time was the action group Food Not Bombs, who were always ready to feed rice and beans at a strike, a demonstration or a riot. Alex from the record store/label Underworld (terribly helpful when I booked the 1996 Bonaduces tour) put together his own benefit compilation for Food Not Bombs. While a typical mid-nineties punk/oi/HxCx/Ska/Pop-punk melange, Alex did manage to bring together a solid cast from all over North America including; Subb, Youth Brigade, Anti-Flag, Rhythm Collision, the Planet Smashers, the Ripcordz and, following our theme, the Bonaduces. Like 90% of all comps you need to sift your personal wheat from your personal chaff to get the most out of it. So, go to it.

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