Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Sid Presly Experience:Public Enemy Number One

The Sid Presley Experience have been heavily blogged (I'm not even sure where this rip came from) for a band with so little initial success. I first heard of the band in a glowing late eighties Spin Magazine review of the Godfathers (the SPE's next incarnation) singles collection. I've always loved the Godfathers' on a track-by-tracks basis (their stirring version of "Sun Arise" or their hammering original - if you wanna call it that - "Walkin' Talkin' Johnny Cash Blues") but often felt they need stronger song-writing work. SPE's first single, from 1984, forcefully established both band's mod-meets-mafia fashion shtick and their tough, sneering rock n' roll sound. Both tracks burn bright but the relentless instrumental, "Public Enemy Number One" comes out on top.

Download Hup Two Three Four 7"


  1. Brilliant band saw them once and The Godfathers loads of times always great. I have all the SPE records, radio sessions etc and will be posting some soon.

  2. Cool, when you post those I'll put it in the little green 'shared items' box.


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