Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Beatnik Termites vs. The Parasites

These two ripping American power-pop-punk bands, the Parasites (more here) and the Beatnik Termites (more here) need no further introduction here - so just enjoy this split single release on Just Add Water from 1995 (smack in the middle of the nineties Great Vinyl Glut).

Beatnik Termites/Parasites
split 7"

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  1. and that is my favorite Parasites song ever...i used to worship the Just Add Water label.

    great find.


  2. The Beatnik Termites' track sounds like a much less offensive version of the Ramones' "Wart Hog".

  3. Chase
    Damn but the Parasites are good. What else was on Just add water anyway?

    Now you got me thinking about "Warthog",you know it's gonnna come up in another post!

  4. i love the entire Parasites discography, but i still think that's my all-time fav song by them.

    here's a link that has the whole Just Add Water catalog posted. the label used to be based out of South Carolina. i loved the band Scooby Don't that was on the label.

  5. Anon (Chase?)

    The link didn't appear to make it. Scooby Don't were great - they were on that No Slow All Go comp that I'm gonna post as soon as I find the artwork (I foolishly sold mine years ago).

  6. Late to the party, but the other Parasites release on Just Add Water is the Burnt Toast 7 inch ("Burnt Toast" and a cover of the Porcelain Boys' "What A Day". They are also on a couple of label comps, but no new songs.

  7. Burnt Toast is fantastic and the Porcelain Boys were a great band. You wouldn't happen to have a rip and scan of it would you?


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