Friday, November 20, 2009

G.P.S. - Panique Sur la Plage

France's Garage Psychiatrique Suburbain (more here) never topped this slightly twinkie but still utterly rollicking barrage of melodic hooks and underwatery keyboards.

G.P.S. - Panique Sur La Plage

Respect must be paid to the heroic ModPunkArchives for championing the by now unfortunately-initialed G.P.S. on their pages.
By the way, singer Thiery Hazard later gained pop celebrity in France for an intermitenly pleasant eighties take on late-sixties psych-pop, as heard (and seen) in songs like the toe-tapping Poupee Psychedelic and the Robert Palmer-esque Le Jerk. Hey, it could be Mitsou!

Panique Sur la Plage 7"

Here's a MySpace page but I believe their sole CD is out-of-print.


  1. "I'm Sticking with Mitsou
    "cause I'm made out of glue"

    (Oh the Velvets posts were last week but I'm never done with them...)


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