Friday, November 27, 2009

V.A. Sudden Surge of Sound (1980)

Since out last series of posts got derailed by a take-down of sorts, let's start a series on a favourite MRML muse, the compilation album. A Sudden Surge of Sound was put out by VU Records in 1980 and feature a lot of the trends of that divergent year. Rye and the Quarter Boys play in a Dexys'ish mod style, the Hawks offer a frothy power-pop, the Two-Tone Pinks a dish out a more punkifed power pop, the Silent Ones hold down the art-punk slot, Kenny Read The Old Wave of British Heavy Metal one, while Essential Logic do the sax-driven new wave thing and grizzled faves the UK Subs contribute their pounding "Left For Dead".

So another fascinating, if imperfect relic of the original punk explosion. More to come...

(Image courtesy of Detour Records who have put out a fine Two Tone Pinks re-issue.)

A Sudden Surge of Sound L.P.


  1. Thanks Jeffen. I'd never heard most of those tracks before.

    I think the B-Movies sound like an early Cure...

    Now check out this vid of Billy Bragg doing John Cooper Clarke in the style of Bob Dylan:

  2. You're most welcome but I'm afraid the thanks from me are much greater for that excellent (and very new video - I think we have a post!)

  3. Thought you might like it.


  4. Hope you liked the follow-up post!


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