Friday, November 6, 2009

The Spazzys: Aloha! Go Bananas

And so the Spazzys (see here) story ends with a cliffhanger. Not long after the release of Aloha Go Bananas a seismic schism split band and their record label, Fur Records. Though their second album was finished, it's lain in limbo while the lawyers grow fat and the twins teach little kids how to trash their instruments via a program called Kiddie Rock.

For the album the Spazzy women refused to stand pat. While the the rockers, like album-opener "Zombie Girl" are thicker and heavier, the pop songs, like "Shake and Twist" and "You Left My Heart in the Garage" are all dolled up with layered vocals.

There are a few singles that overlap with the album (and even a more recent one called "I Want a Divorce" which even though they only pressed five hundred copies in Japan still got the lawyers all riled up). This interview from September 2009 claims the release of their old new album Dumb is Forever is imminent. To be continued...

Aloha Go Bananas (plus bonus tracks)

Supporting the band is currently next to impossible. If that changes (or if someone credible informs me that these posts would in any way harm the band) then I will update this.


  1. I must admit I was not familiar with The Spazzys.Seen the name but never investigated the music.This is ,of course, the music of the mid 1960s via the Ramones.Good fun stuff!Thanks for the posts.

  2. You're bang on in that description. Glad you got to hear it for yourself.

  3. I'm stunned. These women should have been HUGE. They're everything The Donnas were supposed to be. I'm 3/4 of the way thru all of their downloads and haven't heard one bad song.

    My only complaint is that the guitars are mixed too high and I can't hear the vocal often enough. I realize that's the genre, but have a feeling that the lyrics are more clever than your average bar band.

  4. "They're everything The Donnas were supposed to be"
    Why couldn't I have put it that succinctly?
    It is stunning how good they are, though as you say they're are production issues (especially on the early stuff) but that's more of a consequence of being in an low-profile genre rather than a requirement of it.

  5. This is brilliant - bought it on Amazon for £20 'cos I liked it so much. Thank you for posting it!!!

  6. maffof
    Hopefully we'll be able to buy stuff from the band soon!

  7. Absolutely stunning! I LOVE every song I have heard so far. Thank you VERY much for this!

  8. postmaster
    They're one of the great lost bands of the aughts. Maybe they'll get their due soon.

  9. The Spazzys will be playing a benefit at 'The Tote' in Melbourne on June 9th.

  10. Damn I need to hope a plane to Australia!


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