Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Spazzys and Marky Ramone: Live

The Spazzys sure make for odd back-up. The oddness of that video (see here) of them with Chris Bailey is that it looks (and sounds) a bit like a set-piece from a seventies variety show, it's like the Spazzys get to play Pink Lady to Chris Bailey's Jeff.

(That line-up is fucking gob-smacking - BJ with Bear in tow, Hef plus six centerfolds, Cheap Trick not doing "I Want You To Want Me' and a hot tub - is it any wonder viewers like me were ruined for life?)

Then there's this 2004 concert from Sydney with Marky Ramone. Marky's role in all of this, aside from playing the drums, was to introduce all of the songs with this sub-Vegas stage banter which sounds somewhere between Paul Stanley and Wayne Newton - "We're gonna get some sun in California now" - and to thereby prove the validity of the iron rule, "Never Let the Drummer Talk". All the rest of the music is provided by the Spazzys, with usual drummer Allly taking some lead vocals. Almost the entire set list consists of Ramones classic done with good spunk but the two exceptions, a take on Joey Ramone's version of "It's a Wonderful World" and the Spazzys own, very fiting "I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone", make it odd in the best sense.

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The Spazzys and Marky Ramone Live (.flac*)

I Just Want Something To Do
California Sun
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
I Don’t Care
I Wanna Be Sedated
Rockaway Beach
Rock’n’Roll High School
The KKK Took My Baby Away
It’s A Wonderful World
Chinese Rocks
Blitzkrieg Bop
I Wanna Cut My Hair like Marky Ramone

* all tracks claim to be by Einstürzende Neubauten, which was too funny to fix.

Supporting the band is currently next to impossible. If that changes (or if someone credible informs me that these posts would in any way harm the band) then I will update this.


  1. I like your blog. I can't remember if I've downloaded anything but thanks again if I did. I just had to say that I've seen the Spazzys live a couple of times and I always thought, if I need a Ramones fix, just listen to the Ramones. I think they are as boring as bat shit.

  2. I'm really enjoying this band allot !!! And getting more of their music each day over the past couple of posts has been great !!! Thanks so much for the turn on Sir.

  3. Never cared for Marky but the Spazzys are great and I love them covering Ramones.

  4. roc
    Marky was not the most crucial Ramone but he's somehow important. And yeah the Spazzys sound good as a Ramones cover band with him around.

  5. piratecyan
    Thanks for the good words and even the critical ones (dissenting voices are needed). I can't deny your point about the Spazzys Ramones-ness, I do think they add a lot of new elements but maybe I've needed a Ramones fix too often...
    P.S. I'm still jealous you got to see them.

    You're welcome and I'm glad the slow roll-out of material (rather than the mega-post) helped your appreciation.

  6. I love the SPAZZYS because of their Ramonesiness. They don't claim to be anything other than what they are and it is no different from the hundreds of other band the world over (The ritchies, etc) who just wanna sound like the best band ever. I've seen the Spazzys live ...well, let's just sayA LOT. I think they are great! Didn't have the Marky Ramone gig though - thanks a million for that. Gonna download right now


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