Thursday, March 4, 2010

DIY Massachusetts Avenue: The Boston Scene 1975-1983

I've never been big on Boston (blame Tom Scholz and co.) No slight is intended to the legion of great bands from Boston, but their collective weight never used to seem the equal of London, New York or L.A. or even Vancouver. That said, Volume Eight of the DIY series (which has the longest timeline) makes a pretty stopping argument for Boston's diversity and depth with high points like The Real Kids, The Cars (!) and The Dangerous Birds (more to come).

So here's to Boston Rock from The Standells to The Queers to The Freeze to The Pixies to The Dropkick Murphys!

Massachusetts Avenue CD


  1. Hooray for The Real Kids!

    Yeah, Boston never charts high in my mind as a 'music' town, despite—and not meant as a slight to—the number of bands that have come from there.

    Strangely, the first time I ever visited Boston, I joked to my wife that, 'Hey, I guess we'll get to see Steven Tyler!' Sure enough, upon arriving at the 'Feniel Hall' (sp?) area, who did we see, but Steven Tyler. He stopped to chat a bit with the few people who noticed him, and even played hacky sack with a group of 'Dead Head' type was weird, especially since there was a caricaturist stand set up nearby, featuring a caricature of Steven Tyler as a sample of its work...

    - scott

  2. A caricature if Stephen Tyler seems so redundant - age has turned his face into perfect caricature. Thanks for the funny story!

    The Real Kids would be my fave Boston band of this era too but of course As a child of the era I do like the (early) Cars plus Mission on Burma are amazing even if i don't enjoy listening to a tremendous amount of their material.

  3. Hell yeah to The Freeze!

  4. Wow, I thought Boston's greatness as an (indie) music town was well above obvious. What the hell is with you guys?!?

  5. Hey Brushback, thanks for standing up for Beantown.

    No disrespect was intended (see my list of faves at the end)but the first wave Boston punk, as this volume hints at by needing eight years to gather it's good together, doesn't seem the equal of New York, London or L.A.

  6. roc

    Damn but I love that 2nd Freeze album.

  7. Thanks for posting this as the top of 2010 - I missed it the first time around.

    As a denizen of Boston, and a friend of the manager of The Atlantics, I salute you for making this music available to folks who were otherwise unfamiliar with the scene we had going on. Boston is still a good town for rock. Here's hoping for yet another resurgence in 2011. And Happy New Year to you!

    - d.

  8. d
    Thanks for the good words and I'm sure we'll hear from some great Boston bands in 2011!


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