Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jason & the Scorchers: Halcyon Times

Cow-punk, roots-rock, y'alternative, alt country, whatever damn term you use for music that hurts like country and hits like rock n' roll, you're gonna come back to Nashville's Jason and the Scorchers. Since 1981, through break-ups and make-ups, they've never sold their Reckless Country Soul. And their new album, Halcyon Times, their first since 1996's Clear Impetuous Morning, is a barn-burner. For health and martial reasons respectively, the band has lost original rhythm section of Jeff Johnson and Perry Baggs but they carry on their unwavering devotion to Hank Williams, The Rolling Stones and The Ramones. So now it's up to Jason Ringenberg and Warner Hodges (alongside cohorts like The Georgia Satellite's Dan Baird and The Wildhearts' Ginger) to bring the country-noise, which they sure as hell do. Halcyon Days offers up metallic rockers like "It Don't Get Better Than This", fuzzed-up rockabilly like "Monshine Guy" and workin' man blues like "Beat on the Moutain" and I'm not even done talking up this album yet...






  1. Really great album burning rock 'n' roll, cheers Jeff.

  2. Yeah this band just keeps on ripping things up!


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