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D.I.Y. - Starry Eyes: UK Pop II (1978-1979)

We''ll end the never clearly-ordered D.I.Y. series with Starry Eyes: UK Pop II. Calling it "more of the same" would be ridiculous, like dismissing oxygen or orgasms as old hat. It's hit-after-glorious-hit and it just happens to include THE GREATEST POWER-POP SONG EVER! (Wait for it...)

We've gone over-board on the videos once again to illustrate the difference in the push UK power-pop bands got (most of these bands played to millions on Top of the Pops) - imagine finding this much professional video footage of so many seventies American power-pop bands.

The Buzzcocks

The Undertones

Joe Jackson



The Jags

The Records

The Purple Hearts

The Searchers

For maximizing hummability and rockingness within the confines of 3:23, I now declare The Jags "Back of My Hand" THE GREATEST POWER-POP SONG ever. Leave us a comment with your own nominee, I know mine changes regularly.

Starry Eyes: UK Pop II link is in the comments



    If there are nay problems, please let me know. If there AREN'T any problems, feel free to let me know as well!

  2. Good news, bad news...

    The Good: This looks like a seriously smokin' collection

    The Bad: I get an error on one track...

    va - d.i.y. - starry eyes uk pop ii (1978-79)/the jags - back of my hand (i've got your number).mp3 - CRC failed


  4. Great track list- lots of great songs.

    I have to say though- I can't believe that they left off "Place In Your Heart" by Protex. It may not be as popular as some on here- but it is, by far, one of the best power pop songs ever written.


    p.s. thanks for putting all of the DIY series up.

  5. On this one still definitely the best tune is from the Undertones ´Get over you`, they missed out on The Tours ´Language School´ as a winner, also you have to admit that some weak stuff like The Yachts is on it.

  6. I've been enjoying your write-ups on this great series. Bought most of these when they came out--which now feels as long ago as the songs themselves.

    Anyway, I agree that this disc contains the best pop song ever--though I'd call it Life Begins at the Hop! Other than that I'd say your comments are spot on! Thanks.


  7. Re: Best Power Pop Song Ever.

    Although The Jag's Elvis Costello xerox is a more than excellent choice, today I'm going with The Custom's "She'll Always Be Mine". It's the song that answers the eternal question, "What would the power pop version of The Flamin' Groovies have sounded like if Roy Loney had stuck around?"

  8. wow!,the Revillos with my top teenage wet dream Fay Fife,but mr vote goes to Yachting Types...wonderful(and very useful)video collection...cheers

  9. Another fine collection of the real golden age of pop, The Jags yep that's a corker. I will tell you one of my fave powerpop nuggets (not here) has to be The Headboys "The Shapes Of Things To Come" and The Undertones "You've Got My Number(Why Don't You Use IT!)" cheers mate and keep on blogging even if the masses don't deserve ya!

  10. just to through a spanner in the UK / USA who's better at powerpop/punk lets give the NZ / OZ a go my vote is "true love" by the "marching girls" go to
    if you don't know it - dead catchy

  11. "Back Of My Hand" was spoiled by the Buggles remix.

    It's a boring thing to say, but "September Gurls" is, in fact, the best powerpop track ever. Scientifically proven. Men in white coats and everything. But from the UK I'd go for "Language School" by The Tours. Nothing on this collection slouches, though.

  12. Unisphere
    PPP indeed, glad it all worked!

    Yeah damn if "Place in my Heart" hasn't been a nominee of mine before. (I posted all the Protex stuff awhile back). But if you love that 'ole Irish punk our next series oughta make you happy.

    "Get Over You" in awesome, as is the Tours "Language School" bu the Yachts do have great songs (like "Love You, Love You") but this selection just isn't one of them.

    Glad you enjoy the write-ups, I'm tempted sometimes just to slap some music up and leave it at that - but I can't help adding context it's some sick form of addiction. (

    I know received wisdom has the Jags as EC knock-offs but I think that's more on the surface deep down they're a pop group which you just can't say about EC (God bless 'im). I had to look up the Customs - sounds like nice Stone-ey garage rock.

    Yeah the Rez/Rev-illos are a huge thing for me.

    Marky Dread
    Yeah that Headboys (where I come from it's available in every used record bin - it was that heavily promoted) album is super-good and of course I've yakked about my love of the Undertones a time or two...

    Thanks for making the cases for us 'colonials" I myself should offer up "Apologies" or "The Real Thing" by Vancouver's The Pointed Sticks.

    Yeah they totally Buggled it up (laughs weakly).
    I'm not even a huge Big Star fan and I adore September Girls. Still, as a child of the post-Ramones world the slower, gauzier era of power-pop doesn't move me as much.

  13. is it me or do a lot of so called power pop bands actually lack the POWER bit .... back in the day it was just pop !!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I nominate I wanna Destroy You by The Soft Boys, power pop masquerading as pyschedelic punk - Hitchcock still does it often.

    Thanks for the DIY series.

  16. I'm sorry it's probably cliche, but...

    "Shake Some Action" by the Flamin' Groovies

    has no power pop peer.

    Even the *covers* of this song are better than most other original power pop songs.

    Oh, there are pretenders to the throne such as "Go All The Way", "No Matter What", "A Million Miles Away" or "So It Goes", but....

  17. Sound of Stomping
    that 'power' adjective bedevils the genre. To me lots of the stuff from this era (78-81)qualifies but genuine power seems rarer in the classic era and more modern times. Other would vigorously contest this...

    "I Wanna Destroy You" manages to be punk, psychedelic, power-pop and a fucking protest song all at once - a sterling accomplishment from a man whose got a few.

    Considering how many PP related things are named after that song, it's a pretty solid choice. It also kinda links the pre-punk and post-punk idea of power-pop.Whatta song!

  18. Kick Ass. I never bought this set when it came out, cuz I had overdosed on early punk rock. I didn't even realize the DIY box was filled with power pop.

    RIP Rhino! You always put out great shit.

    Also, Jeffen, please continue with the write-ups. I hate blogs that just throw a link up and say "This is my new favorite record just TRUST ME"
    Context is everything.

  19. "Context is everything" thanks for one of my favourite comments ever.

    I miss Rhino too, even though they still exist the level of quality has really gone down.

  20. I did have problems - when decompressing, there was an error. I know this is an older file, but I'd really love to hear the Jags again.

  21. anastasi

    Did you try the second link?

    If that one doesn't work either please let me know.


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