Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Weirdos: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

More psychedelic-rockabilly-punk from this 1979 Weirdos e.p. on Bomp Records. While a few of these songs are spread over the two voumes of Weird World, the only way to get this currently is on a CD version of the band's first single, "Destroy All Music".

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  2. The Wierdos are Hollywood's greatest punk band! Thank you, and please, more Weirdos!

  3. The Weirdos are Armeica's greatest punk band. And by America's greatest I mean the greatest.

  4. Yes! Keep the Weirdness flowing... Like many my fist exposure to the Weirdos was via a BOMP compilation, that had the Stooges and others. I believe "Life of Crime" was the lone song included? Truly a underrated
    american band! Thanks for putting them out there, hopefully a new generation will pick up on it and realize where so much of the bands of today have gleaned their sounds from.

  5. roky
    You are welcome and more Weirdos is forthcoming!


    If that Bomp comp (!) had "I Got A Right" than I think I had it at some point too. Yeah, the Weirdos need a properly done compilation (maybe one CD of released tracks and one of demos) to show people how important they were.

  6. There's not enough Weirdos in the world... thank you sir!

  7. Dr. HAnk

    MRML: Adding Weirdness to the World

    (Another fine slogan)

    1. Wonderful mini-album. Got the LINE records version with side 1 playing at 45 RPM.

      To my mind, several songs sound like they could have been done by early DEVO also.
      Especially HAPPY PEOPLE, BIG SHOT and HIT MAN. Just listen to the rhythms and the particular style of singing as well as the way they used their guitars.

      Which just shows how GOOD this bunch of Weirdos was right then.

      Like everybody said before: A great, very much underrated band, more versatile than most of their contemporaries.

  8. You oownder what would've happend if the the Brothers Denney had got some big money and/or management in their corner....


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