Saturday, June 12, 2010

D.O.A. - The Times They-Are-A-Regressin'

"(We had) a meeting with Bruce Allan (who was managing B.T.O. and Loverboy at the time), the first thing Bruce said was, "Alright Boys! How much money are you going to make me?" There was a stunned silence on our part. I had gotten into music because...I loved the words of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie and because of Jimi Hendrix's guitar-playing. Money? What did that have to do with music?"
Joey Keithley, D.O.A.

After yet another punishing comeback album, Northern Avenger done with mega-metal producer (and Payola$ man) Bob Rock, the boys in D.O.A have headed back to the musical dumpster with a rawer, uglier, dirtier album, Talk - Action = Zero. On this album, the second one they've named after their most famous slogan, the band (now just Joey "Shithead" Keithley and a young gun rhythm section) sometimes sound remarkably like they did in '81 - check out "R.C.M.P." for proof. However, elsewhere here you'll get a taste of some blues-punk on tracks like "Lookin' For a World" and, not so remarkable for those grizzled enough to remember their incarnation as Drunks On Acoustics when they played a protest with Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger, some finger-pointin' folk, as exemplified by their dragged-over-concrete cover of Bob Dylan's "The Times They-Are-A-Changin'"

D.O.A. - The Times They-Are-A-Changin'

Sometime Keithley's dedication to plain-spoken punk-isms like, "Don't Bank on a Bank", can wear but his wild-dog growl and red-in-tooth-and-claw guitar sound gives the most focused tracks on this album a palpable menace.


  1. One my faves here for sure. Didn't get a chance to see them until the early 90s and I still loved it. Clearly, they no longer are as potent as they once were but they are still a lot of fun live. The last time the wife and I saw them was 2008 at the Fun Fun Fun fest in Austin. They were easily one of the best bands that weekend. Sadly, I did not even know they had a new record. Thanks!

  2. convertido
    Yeah D.O.A. have always been a force of nature live, even when things went downhill a bit in the 90's they still kicked serious ass.

  3. Hi Jeffen

    When I saw this post I decided to order the latest two D.O.A. CDs direct from Sudden Death Records.I ordered the CDs 4 weeks ago.So far no CDs and no response to my emails.I am about to head to the PayPal Resolution Center.First time.

    Talk - Action = 0 seems appropriate.

    I have bought CDs direct from Sudden Death Records before with no problem.Young Canadians,D.O.A.,Modernettes etc.



    PS I need more Art Bergmann in digital form.On the hunt.

  4. Jeffen

    Situation resolved with Sudden Death Records.All is well that ends well!


  5. Doug
    I'm glad - I still believe that Joey and co are the good guys.

    I'll probably post some more out-of-print Art as I finally rounded up all the albums on CD (again!)

  6. Hi Jeffen

    Just listening to some to some Art Pepper right now.The D.O.A. CDs arrived!Ordered on June 16.Arrived July 22.Usually 2 days(sometimes 1 day) by post from Vancouver/Burnaby to my abode.Will listen to the CDs tomorrow.

    Always good to post Art Bergmann!


    PS I have ordered Vancouver Complication and The Pointed Sticks 'Waiting For The Real Thing' direct from Sudden Death.And the latest Pointed Sticks album 'Three Lefts Make A Right'(2009) is good.

  7. Doug

    I thought the Pointed Sticks had just released a single - I shall to check out the album.

    The Art is coming...

  8. Jeffen

    Red Cat Records give great service.


  9. Jeffen

    1.For your interest:

    Winnipeg connection.

    2.Do you know the Red Cat Records/Ry Cooder story?The store is now owned by a couple of fellows from The Butless Chaps.Formerly it was owned by Amy Honey and her partner.Red Cat Records was named after a stray red cat that was adopted by the store.They produced many pictures of the cat's head superimposed on various musician's bodies.The cat's name was Buddy.One picture was Buddy's head superimposed on Leadbelly's body.Ry Cooder saw this picture and the rest is history.I believe Amy Honey went back to her native Nova Scotia.

    3.The latest D.O.A. album is quite good.



    PS I have Vancouver Complication on order.And will be looking forward to Art posts!

  10. Doug

    1) I'm gonna finish that BGM post - so it's great.

    2) That explains that album cover - interesting.

    3) I like it - not their best but not bad.


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