Friday, June 4, 2010

Doug and the Slugs: Slugcology 101(1979-1988) Plus the Entire Discography! (almost)

Last week I spent $2.00 at flea market for a copy of Doug and The Slugs greatest hits, a.k.a. Slugcology 101. And it wasn't just for a quick post material either; since I've started this series the band is the highest it's been in my regard since 1980 when I heard a radio concert where Doug did a long monologue about how he was accosted by a mysterious stranger in a bar who told him he had to become the greatest rock singer of all time (the memories are pretty dim, I confess).

Doug never did fulfill that mission. Despite being a lyricist who could combine Elvis Costello's angry acuity with Dashiell Hammit's obsession with sleazy-living and leading a band that, when not showing off for American radio, will remind you of some of those other Pub Rock vets turned New Wave aggregation like Nick Lowe's Rockpile or Graham Parker's Rumour.

Still, some might resent Doug and The Slugs for profiting from the New Wave, while fellow Vancouver-ites of the era, like Art Bergmann, D.O.A., The Pointed Sticks et al, never got their due. But that sick injustice does not diminish these clever, catchy, well-crafted songs (even those late eighties hits, which sound much better when jumbled up non-chronologically on Slugcology). And if any one thinks a band selling 50,000 copies of their hit records and being on the Meatballs II soundtrack back in the eighties had it made, they should read this quote from Doug Benet buried in in the Slugcology liner notes: "Thanks to...our children to whom Dad was often 'that guy with the funny hair who's always away or asleep."

Call me mushy-headed but I think it's Slug Time!

Slugcology 101 is now available at iTunes

Biopunk commented "I had no idea you posted so much Doug and the Slugs! " and in case anyone wants to know just how much, here's their entire discography (minus their less-known 1992 album Tales From Terminal City, for which I would require a rip n 'scans from some generous reader). Just click on the links provided and you'll get a slug!

Cognac and Bologna is here

Wrap It! is here

Music for the Hard of Thinking is here

Popaganda is here

Doug Bennett's Solo album, Animato, is here.

Tomcat Prowl is here.

And, by the way, ViaComClosedMeDown... over at Down Underground has posted a cassette rip of a strange looking Doug and the Slugs release (likely a repackage) here.

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  2. Excellent band! HaRD TO FIND THANKS FOR POSTING.

  3. Jeffen

    Could you please check the 'Animato!' file.I have downloaded twice but only get 8 of 10 songs.



  4. excellent article I think you guys have creativity and know how to make web pages

  5. No one should be ashamed of loving Doug & the Slugs, once the hardest working pop/pub band in the country. The yellow album- the one with the mic whose title I can't quite recall- Popaganda?- is very, very good. Donald

  6. Anon
    You're welcome



    Amen - as a sneery teen 'hard-working' might've been a term of derision but not any more.

  7. For good or ill I conscientiously avoided all music coming from Pac NW in the early 90's. Saved me from from the treacly excesses of Pearl Nirvana Garden in Stone Temple Chains that rotted the best minds of my generation.... but I missed these guys.

  8. Gee, all that's missing is the original "Too Bad"/"The Move" single and the early compilation "10 Big Ones" (which featured an alternate version of "Real Enough" and one other oddity.

    As it is, nice to have the whole bunch in one felled swoop! Thanks!!

  9. Furrball
    I'll keep an eye out for those (as well as The Slugs 'solo' single'


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