Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doug Bennet: Animato

I had a request for the sole solo outing by lead Slug, Doug Bennet from 1986. So here you are.

As even an occasional visitor might ascertain, Animato (and even the last couple of releases by Vancouver pop band Doug and The Slugs), is not in the typical, relentless style of MRML's usual material - not with the backing vocal trio, The Memphis Horns, that big beat drum sound and that slight touch of Bruce Willishness - but Bennet never stopped writing memorable songs and for that I'm glad to pay tribute to his memory.

Animato link is in the comments

Update: A second link has been placed further down on the comments in case anyone is having trouble with the first link.

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  2. thanks man, just posted the '87 lp and I had picked "Whos who" for my player on the blog. there is a RCA radio series of lp with bands like polyrock, slow children--i just posted this--and then 1 i don't have with doug and his slugs...still looking fot this 1..nny one?.......:>}

  3. Jeffen

    Do you have 'Tales From Terminal City'?Final Doug & the Slugs album.Cheers.


  4. Thank you once again. Awesome to hear these tunes again. Got all the albums, but they don't get spun as often as they used to.

  5. "...slight touch of Bruce Willishness..."

    Jeez Jeffen, I thought you were trying to turn people on to music, not do irreparable harm to them (...or others, such as poor Doug!) by evoking the name that must never, ever, ever be associated with 'music'.

    Bruno's 'return' was an audio atrocity the world could well do without further acknowledgement of (even if in passing...), but it is a tale that needs telling in order to stop the furtherance of it's spread...

    The album in question, (now only referred to by it's OCLC Number of 15508727), was released by Motown Records in 1987 as a collection of cover tunes for a poorly realised and quite likely ill-intentioned, 'comedic' soundtrack. As a result, many R&B and Soul music fans were duped into buying it, relying on the (then) good name of the label. Many others, who had developed tastes and sensibilities towards music, were appalled.

    It became excruciatingly apparent that the album needed to be suppressed by any means necessary in case the general public associated it with actual music.

    I, by myself and with others, have personally participated in the destruction of three copies of this tragic waste of cassette and vinyl, as a direct result of musical interventions on the behalf of my friends and loved ones. (For cryin' out loud, his wine cooler commercials were better than that album of drek! But here I digress...)

    Motown never really recovered.

    The next year, Mr. Berry Gordy, Jr. sold off his remaining interests in the label.

    Furthermore, I postulate that it was the fact that the American record-buying public's psyche was so scarred by the original 1987 release (...and doubly so with the inexplicable re-release in 1997!), that even 18 years later (...a veritable musical epoch in cultural terms...), they remembered that it was the "Razor & Tie" record label that re-released this aural abomination.

    That recollection then resurfaced when the 'We Sweat Blood' album, by Danko Jones, was put out into the U.S. market in April of 2005. This, sadly, lead to the album being shunned purely out of tainted association with the label and it's regurgitation of one of the great crimes against music, and not in any sense, by a lack of Danko Jones' artistic merit.

    Shame on you Jeffen, for sullying Mr. Bennet's good name by associating him with the unspeakable!

  6. CallPastorJerkfaceJune 4, 2010 at 7:23 AM


    Please give poor ol' Jeffen a break. Our former roomate inflicted an un-ending barrage of Willis-ness ("I've got both albums AND a coffee mug!")upon us back in the 90's and, tragically, we have yet to recover fully.

  7. Viacom
    Thanks for leaving a comment and I linked up to that D/S cassette rip of yours!

    No "Tales..." yet we'll see if this next post brings us a volunteer.

    They're good works and I'm glad to get people re-listening.

    First off can I just say that i love the fact that you read all the words and respond to them - it inspires me to keep adding context.

    Secondly, when I say Willishness, I'm using him as a symbol of that mid-to-late eighties attempt to recast Motown as a synthetic-sounding, adverting-friendly, soundtrack-hogging phenomenon. I stand by the fact that if you're trying to explain this not-entirely-successful album you can justifiably allude to one of the most commercially visible exponents of this great misadventure, especially is you use qualifiers such as "slight touch".

    Finally, that was a breath-taking and thoroughly-researched rant - I feel like finding some strange Bruno-related item for download and posting it in toto!

  8. CPB
    Yeah no one had more Willis paraphernalia than that man!

  9. Uh, Jeffen, you're making me nervous...

    In keeping with the wet coast theme, how about some early Payola$?

    And have you seen this: Bloodied But Unbowed? I found out about it Friday, and there's some great interviews in the webisodes.



    If anyone else is having trouble with the old link, try this one and let me know if it works.

  11. Bio
    I might do some Payolas as I love that first album - though I know others on the web have posted it.

    The BUB link is excellent - that little bit on the Pointed Sticks was super poignant.


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