Monday, June 28, 2010

Fighting Leeching

I love fighting to find rare songs, pictures, videos and history to post but fuck do I hate constantly having to fight to get people to share a few words in return.


  1. Tell me about it Jeff. My last music post the Generation X top of the pops appearance video's 89 downloads and no comments.

    There is a World Cup on through mate so numbers will be down. Men cannot multitask.....and I'm missing Brazil vs Chile as I type!

  2. Apologies. I know I downloaded a few of your Billy Bragg postings without leaving comments, but not for lack of interest.

    I really enjoyed "The Dylan Side of Billy Bragg" and The Peel Sessions. I also downloaded the God's Little Monkeys (which I had never heard of before) which was enjoyable, if a little hard to characterize.

    Nice blog, and nice posts. Keep up the good work...I'll try to drop more comments on future postings!

  3. Either you post because you love it or you don't. If someone feels strongly enough to post feedback, good on you. If not, don't bitch about it and punish everyone. That makes you as big a jerk as the leeches. I'm just sayin'...

  4. While doing my share of leeching, I admit, I'm also keeping warm thoughts and such in my heart for you and all like you, the noble keepers of rare treasures. Thanks for the BBragg stuff recently (the Peel stuff--I only had a four-song EP of that, long ago. Great to listen to him do Cale). Why isn't Billy still "on," as he seemed to be when I was in U.? Is it me? Did New Labour sucker-punch him? Perhaps the advent of Cleggron/Camregg will inspire some more energized stuff from him in future years.

    Thanks again!


  5. Longy
    *Gasp* 89 d/l's and no comments - that's sick! I say pull the link! It's not an unreasonable thing to - if they can stop watching the game long enough to d/l they can leave a bloody comment while they're there.

    P.S. I rarely ever d/l videos but I'm still always excited to find out what amazing thing you've exhumed next.

    Thanks for the words - beyond offering encouragement they also give me some guidance on what people like and want to hear more of. Glad you enjoyed all the Bragg.

    I tell it like it is.

    I appreciated your follow-up comment even though it made me cancel my all-riled up response to this first one. Enjoy the Boss.

    Everyone's leeched before, but once it hits a critical mass I have to say something or I just get bitter and contemplate quitting.
    In America it's often said that Republican presidents make for good punk rock let's see if a Conservative (coalition) government puts Billy's feet to the fire.

  6. Thank you for the Mermaid Avenue demos, for the Men They Couldn't Hang radio sessions (one of my favourite bands of the Eighties: I saw them playing in London, the first time I came to England in 1987...) and for the "Dylan side of Billy Bragg".

    But my english is not so good (I write from Italy)and it's hard for me to leave comments.


  7. Hi again Jeff

    Pulling a link isn't for me mate. Most of them take too long to rip and upload in the first place. I'll leave that job to the copyright police!

  8. Greetings:
    Don't want to leech and do appreciate your posts. Some very interesting tunes and looking forward to more. I'll be posting comments as I go.

    Ookie - from deep behind the Zion Curtain. (Logan, Utah. USA)

  9. I try not to comment most blogs as a favor. I'm a terrible commentor.

  10. Love your site and taste. Thanks for the endless source of terrific sounds!

  11. You're going to have to be a bit more Zen about this dude, or you'll drive yourself nuts. Frankly, begging for comments is a little undignified. Thanks for your efforts by the way; yours is a top blog.

  12. Luciano
    You English is not only great, it's also one hell of a lot better than my Spanish. Thanks

    Fair enough - keep up the fight man!

    Thanks for the words and for teaching me the phrase 'zion curtain'!

    there's no such thing, and I did chuckle when I read that one.

    Anon I

    Anon II
    While I could to without the hippie admonishments to be "zen" (i.e. passive) and the snarky critique of my encouraging people to talk back ("begging") I'm still pleased as all hell that the post made you break your silence. Have a great day!

  13. what Olde D said.

    but thanks for the music.

  14. Anon.

    Actually OleD has become an enthusiastic commenter on this Springsteen series and so have you, a bit I guess anyways.


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