Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Biters

Are The Biters the new Exploding Hearts?


  1. CallPastorJerkfaceJuly 17, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    Fuck yeah!!!

  2. >>Are The Biters the new Exploding Hearts?

    For their sake, I hope not!

  3. CPB
    Figgered you'd dig it

    I suppose I shoulda considered that the price of the EH crown is high!

  4. The Boys, The Baby's, The Boyfriends, Punk powerpop excellence I'm hooked, nice one Jeff.

  5. Nice! They're actually the new Poison Arrows, who were the new Heart Attacks - not that I'm keeping track or anything ;)

    Love these guys.

  6. Thanks Jeff, this is great. I was driving back from my pop's birthday party at the same time the Hearts' van crashed. We're coming up on that sad anniversary again. Hearing this is definitely bittersweet.

    Big Glue

  7. Marky
    Glad to hook you on something new!

    I saw that!. I'd never heard of the Poison Arrows bu the Heart Attacks sounded familiar...

    Big Glue
    Sad fuckin anniversary it is. Glad you liked the Biters!

  8. Poison Arrows ep:

  9. my buddy in ATL told me about the Poison Arrows awhile back and also put me onto Gentlemen Jesse & His Men. definitely check them out ("All I Need Tonight" is an instant hit).


  10. Roy
    Poison Arrows rock - thanks for the link!

    I'd heard GJ a bit but this song sounds even better then what I'd heard.

    Glad to spread the word!

  11. Wow, thanks for turning me on to these guys!
    I don't care much about Geldorf or Dylan, but THIS post absolutely makes my day!
    By the way, if these guys are the new Exploding Hearts, then Crusaders of Love are the new Gentleman Jesse. I don't know much about them, other than they're a French band and they have a new album out called "Never Grow Up."

    But anyone who likes Exploding Hearts, Biters, and Gentleman Jesse will definitely dig Crusaders of Love.

  12. Anon
    Your "Geldof or Dylan" comment made me chuckle. Hopefully, even with all MRML's oddball tangents, we deliver enough good stuff to keep you coming back.

    P.S. Good call on the Crusaders of Love - they rock.


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