Monday, July 19, 2010

Does the World Really Need Another Disaffected, Angular UK* Pop Band Named Something Like The Rags?

Sure, why not?

* The Rags are from Dublin, Ireland and should not be referred to as "UK" by bloggers attempting glib reviews.

The Rags Homepage
The Rags MySpace
The Rags Amazon
The Rags iTunes


  1. CallPastorJerkfaceJuly 19, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    Well that's another one knocked out of the park.

  2. I'm the Babe Ruth of pointlessness!

  3. The Rags are none of those things. Not Disaffected, Angular or from the UK.

    "Pearse was smiling at Joyce recoiling,
    By the granite of his grave, Oscar says:
    'Hold me tight...I am a national light'"

  4. I was using "UK" in the sense of 'bands within the NME's purview, which I really shouldn't do in the case of band from Dublin.

    I stand by "disaffected and angular", which are complimentary in my book.

  5. They may be disaffected (or just affected) but this is by no definition "angular".

    Well, okay, maybe by the early 1950s definition.

  6. Anon

    The clipped vocals ("A vict-im of tra-dition") and some of the guitar parts made me think "angular" (as contrasted with "straight-forward") but such things, unlike their place of geographic origin, are rather subjective.

  7. When i think angular, i think bloc party or futureheads.

    There's far more depth there with The Rags. Particularly lyrically and with their compositions also. That album's title track is immense.

  8. Y'see I enjoyed the early Bloc Party and Futureheads and while both are angular they're different things, as are The The Rags.

    I do agree that they're onto something big-sounding and I hope they don't get ground up in the NME band-of-the-minute system.


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