Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Ask Me Questions: A Film About Graham Parker

A lot of MRML readers love Graham Parker. Each unavailable album posted here (all run-by by Parker's web-site) got over four hundred downloads. It's always my belief that most of those who download the rarities available here are the type of people who support the artist by buying albums, concert tickets DVD's etc. Well, here's your chance to support GP and get something in return. Click on the image above (or HERE) to learn about how you can help the documentary Don't Ask Me Questions get finished. I'm willing to tell you I donated $35.00. That amount entitles me to a DVD and a poster, which hardly makes my support seem very charitable. If you do donate, please leave a comment -I'd be honoured to know if MRML could do it's bit to get this work finished.

That's When You Know (Part One)

Live at Marble Arch

Live at the Test

Live at Rockpalast

King Biscuit Flower Hour

Lost Songs of Lennon & McCartney

Support the man:


Bloodshot Records
Wolfgang's Vault

A special thanks goes out to Karl Eric Anderson's site Expecting Rain which steered readers (including me) towards this project despite the fact that the connection to the man from Hibbing was brief as could be. It goes to show that ER is, despite its seemingly singular focus, an invaluable resource for all music fans.


  1. thank you for the King Biscuit FH. Can't wait to hear it, it's meant to be great!

  2. Thanks for the info about the kickstarter project. Just went over there and pledged some funds for GP.

  3. "The Man From Hibbing." I thought you meant Kevin McHale of the old Boston Celtics.

    By the way, a great site. I have listened to some of your posts before and most recently I am here for the Power Pearls.

    Ace K.

  4. Anon
    Enjoy all the Parker!

    Anon II
    Awesome - they're making great progress over there.

    Ace K
    I was being careful not to speak Dylan's name but now that I'm reminded of Mr. Mchale I may need another designation for his Bob-ness.

    Thanks for leaving some good words.


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