Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mother's Children: That's Who

Even though Ottawa-based Mother's Children have the name (and cover art!) of some sorta psych-folk band from 1970, they are in fact are a(n) insert macho-sounding compound-adjective preferably missing its final 'g' here rock n' roll band who clearly love the same sort of half-punk/half-power-pop bands, like The Boys, The Flys, The Beat et al, that set the Exploding Hearts racing.


  1. Sounds very promising...looking forward to checking it out.


  2. Sorry, for new and readily available stuff it's just a link to the MySpace - so you can decide it you like it enough to buy it!

  3. My bad. I thought this was a vintage rarity...I didn't realize it was actually something new. The hazards of the RSS feend...

    Looks cool. Will have to track it down...

  4. CallPastorJerkfaceJuly 31, 2010 at 7:14 PM

    You know what I'm liking about this kinda sorta Rock Revival of 2010? It seems to have a lot less of the Rock As Art pretense that the class of 01' (Stokes, Stripes,etc.) had going on. Not that there's anything deeply wrong with R.A.A. it'd just that this new stuff seems more like the Basement Tapes of power pop: "What the hell, let's do this. I don't fucking care if anyone's listening. Turn it up, let's rock!"

    What say you? Am I off the mark? Is there even a Rock Revival going on?

  5. Eric
    Usually I put a date in each post for context and I've been neglecting that (plus it sure does look old!)

    It sure as hell seems like something's going on - some days it seems like there's an Exploding Hearts revival happening.

  6. That cover is SO retro it fooled me, but I should pay closer attention.

    As for a Rock Revival, there are a lot of cool groups doing the mod/new wave/power pop/skinny tie kind of thing, and a lot of them are doing it well.

    Here in Atlanta (alone), the Barreracudas (yeah, spelled like that), Gentleman Jesse and His Men, and Biters are doing this kind of powerpop/rock stuff really well.

    I would not complain at all, personally, if there was a sudden Exploding Hearts revival. That would be great...what a sad loss, that band.

  7. Yeah, I was thinking this was 'vintage' tunes, too... But classic or contemporary, this band clearly rocks with a capital'R'.

  8. Eric
    As long as the new bands get the EH knew their roots the revival will be good. I must check out the the Barreracudas (I already posted about The Biters who are amazing!)

    Great rock transcends time!


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