Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spunkstains (1977-1979) : Volume Four

One of a fifteen-volume bootleg series from the early aughts full of raw noise from the likes of: Satan's Rats, The Cortinas, Les Dogs, PVC2, Joe Cool and the Killers and Skrewdriver from the days long before that poisonous ideology ruined them.

Spunkstains (1977-1979) : Volume Four link is in the comments

Speaking of comments, what of having a Skrewdriver song here? (I believe posting the original band's work only underscores how racism can destroy anything it touches but others may feel differently.)


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  2. thankxx. am luvin' these. Rodney Rotiron

  3. no problem with '77 era Skrewdriver,their second division chugga-chugga trash rock is fine for me,curios they begun as a Rolling stones cover band,and M.Jagger isn't a very macho inspiration for these would be hard skin...wankers is the first word that springs to mind...all the best.Roberto

  4. great posts as always. nothing wrong with posting music in an effort to educate.

    pity that stuart was a hateful nutcase.

  5. I dunnow, if the politically correct police are gonna start bitchin' and moaning about Skrewdriver,there's a long line of more popular artists with equally heinous stances that should be equally attacked.

    Might be a fun meme:
    Bands that bitched about or supported various religious groups, political groups, violence, crime, etc.

  6. The "is it OK to listen to Skrewdriver" question has been discussed pretty extensively elsewhere so I'll leave that one to lie.
    The one thing I'll say is that the early Skrewdriver stuff is a rare example of music that is still in print that SHOULD be uploaded. If you are buying those albums or CDs in a shop or online you are sending your money directly to white power activist distributors. As per the wishes of the ISD estate, only white power labels may keep Skrewdriver music in print. If you are against racism but still want to listen to Skrewdriver, don't buy , download!
    Thanks, Jeffen!

  7. I'd have no problem even with the "later" Screwdriver.....racists have a right to thier opinions as well as ther est of us, even though we disagree with them....I have listened to latter-day Screwdriver, never found it especially enjoyable or enlightened, but no question it is discussion/thought provoking......I disagree, politcally, with some of the extreme leftism of, say, Crass or even Rage Against the Machine, but everybody enjoys the same rights of expression, I hope, that I do, and that would include racists

  8. Rodney
    What an awesome nom de punk - glad you're likin'.

    More to come!

    I squirm when I hear their name but these early tracks sound fine.

    Ian Stuart, Nutcase - yup that about sums it up.

    Yeah but Stuart became an activist for evil and that seems to put him in a different category that the merely misguided.

    That's a good point: download it to avoid supporting hatred

    I wouldn't support much of Crass' semi-incoherent political agenda but I'd support their right to say it. But to me encouraging violent acts against ethnic groups doesn't fall into the same category.

  9. I admire anyone with the courage in this "politically correct" age to post any Skrewdriver. I still don't get the hysteria about 'nazi's' and 'racists'. I certainly don't believe 'racism' is confined to one group (race) of people. And think of this, what is the worst crime Ian Stuart committed in his lifetime? Saying or singing naughty names? Don't recall reading about him being convicted of sexual assault or murder or other crimes. Perhaps it was his thoughts that were criminal.

  10. Anon

    When I see lyrics like this:

    I stand watch my country, going down the drain
    We are all at fault now, we are all to blame
    We're letting them takeover, we just let 'em come
    Once we had an Empire, and now we've got a slum
    Well we've gotta do something, to try and stop the rot
    And the traitors that abuse us, they should all be shot

    I think it's about race hatred not naughty words.

  11. Maybe Ian should have shouted Black Power instead ;).

  12. i say keep the skrewdriver up, even though they always were, to me, a shit band. the ridiculousness of the white power movement, like most bigotry, is more effectively eradicated by shining a light on it, not ignoring it. and, as was pointed out by bryn, uploading and sharing it for free means they don't get any money, which suits me fine.


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