Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leatherfaced II: "Hurt"

Win some, lose some.

That painfully labour-intensive post on the covers of Leatherface (see HERE) got an underwhelming response*. It's not necessarily unfair; after all, sometimes posts I dash off still get a huge response. That doesn't mean I'm not in a snit, just that I know that I've got no one to blame but myself this time**.
And since failure begets failure, here's Leatherface (though I can't tell you who is all involved in this performance) performing a version of the Trent Reznor song that Johnny Cash made famous, "Hurt".***

* Thanks to all the COMMENTERS, who have lessened the severity of my snit.

** Not that I'm sure I ever do.

*** The reason I put up this mournful tune today, was that it just didn't fit anywhere in yesterday's post.


  1. Hey dude, I loved your post yesterday. For every commenter, there's hundreds of others enjoying the post but not commenting.

  2. Good post man, reminds me of some of those FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, TREMENDOUS posts I've been seeing on that new blog by some young genius, it was called "Growing Bored for a Living"....even the TITLE was brilliant, I thought....That guy that is doing that blog....WOW I just don't know what to say....I plan on sending him money, RX refill numbers, nude pictures of my daughter.....and I think all the rest of you will want to do the same....."Growing Bored For a Living", I just can't keep away from that fantastic you know the mastermind behind it? He must be brilliant

  3. spent the day listening to quite a bit of the music from your leatherface posts and glad i did - the peel sessions and offshoot stuff (like jesse) i'd never have run into otherwise. thanks for the lot of it.

  4. Anon
    True. Thanks.

    Big Scott
    Glad you dug the original post - and love what you're doing over at GBFAL.

    Glad to point someone else the way to the Leatherface rabbit hole.


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