Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mega City Four: Barbue (1990)

Live MC4 from the Decoy era. (More studio rarities and more of The Bag to come!)

COMMENTS on the MC4 are always a good thing!! (Even though the link for the Barbue 1990 single is right HERE!)

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  1. I think I have the singles you're looking for. Will verify once I get home from work.

  2. Thanks for the post. I had never heard of the band when I took a chance on There Goes My Happy Marriage and have loved them ever since. Thanks again.

  3. Great post. Here is the tracklist taken from another blog site.

    01. Who cares
    02. Distant Relatives
    03. Thanx
    04. Balance
    05. Finsh
    06. Grudge
    07. Ocupation
    08. Messenger
    09. Open
    10. What You've got
    11. Rose Coloured
    12. Svereance
    13. Revolution
    14. Cradle
    15. Thru
    16. Rain
    17. Jan
    18. No Such Place As Home
    19. Mistook
    20. severe attack of the truth
    21. Mile Apart
    22. - ?-
    23. Dont want to know if You are lonely (Husker Du)

  4. Ok, I've got both Wallflower eps and the Superstar ep. Should be able to share these by this weekend. Would love to hear any MC4 demos and such that you might have.

  5. Spavid
    Excellent. Will you post them at WO or do you want me to post them here?

    P.S. I'll keep digging up the MC4 obscurities till I find something new to you.

  6. I'll probably post them on WO. hopefully before the end of Saturday. I've got a bunch of live shows myself BTW.

  7. Jeffen, if the offers fall through contact me and I will supply you with both singles.
    Ken Days Of Our Youth

  8. hey there, great to see this thread.

    i've a bunch of MC4 stuff and a bootleg of the ULU show from 11/10/90 which i'm in the process of rescuing from an old cassette.

    if there's anything you want me to look out give me a shout, cheers, makka.

  9. Ken
    Thanks for the offer - DOOY rocks!

    Please e-mail me at and let me know what you've got.
    Thanks for getting in touch.

  10. I also have the singles if you still need them.

  11. Spencer
    Spavid over at Wilfully Obscure posted them - thanks for the offer!

  12. No problem.

    I now have all 6 albums, all 25 B-Sides, 3 bundles (The Stop Live bundle says 1991, yet it sounds exactly the same as the Inspiringly Titled recorded in 1992.. Might want to look into that), and 6 other live performances; 2 of them video. Uploaded some to youtube the other day.

    1. Love those videos you've been posting!

      if you have anything that I've not already posted let me know!

  13. Many thanks!!
    Track 22 is called "Storms to come"



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