Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mega City Four: Android Dreams

To obsessives who are willing to stick aorudn till the bitter end, here's the finest moment from the most-inconsistent album (1995's Soulscraper) of the MC4's career. There are two B-sides here, including the attractive acoustic ballad "Skywide" which is otherwise unavailable. Much more MC4 HERE.

Is this the last great Mc4 tracks? Let us know what you think in the COMMENTS section (where you'll find the "Android Dreams" link).

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  1. HELLO










  2. thank you for this rare mc4're great :) all the best form Serbia

  3. Used to love hearing this, particularly as Senseless Things had got so shit in their latter days and tried to be American. Ta for all the MC4 stuff!

  4. CallPastorJerkfaceJuly 18, 2011 at 9:23 AM

    Excellent song from an excellent band!

  5. Thanks for the words MC 4 fans

  6. everybody loves you is perhaps my all time fave MC4 track. Beautiful beautiful lyric, hi-speed heads down guitar sound, brilliant delivery from Wiz,

    I think this was really one of the great MC4 eras, where nearly all the B-sides were as good as anything else out there.

    i saw them loads over the years, in and around London, reading, windsor, brighton, uxbridge, oxford, anywhere i could get to basically.

    I particularly remember those two dates they did at the camden underworld, not long before before they released words that say. I had tix for the friday night and the bouncers refused us entry on the grounds we weren't 18. I was literally in tears. The following day my mate and I decided to head down to camden in the afternoon to see what we could do... Wiz spotted us on the high street and on hearing our story got us backstage passes on the spot. and he had us help the roadies move the amps too. that night they played about four encores, they played Stop for the first time live and the temperature was about 110°. Afterwards the band gave us beers and a cake (!) in their dressing room and were the nicest blokes ever. For an impressionable 16 year old this made my day, my week, my month and my year.

    Wiz had already sent me loads of handwritten letters keeping me up to date on MC4 movements over the years but to meet the band in person was awesome.

    I'll never forget those days, even though I haven't even lived in the UK for the past 15 years...When I moved to NYC I didn't have space or the inclination to pack all my LPs (this was pre-iPod times) so I totally lost track of a lot of my youth years music, to my shame. I only found out about Wiz passing away a year after he had done. I was totally and utterly gutted - I didn't know the geezer but he really left an impression on me. My old man recently died so in the inevitable attic clean out at his gaff I stumbled across a whole stack of vinyl - some better than others! It's the MC4 stuff I've been listening to the most. I even found the stack of old letters that Wiz had sent me, telling me about dodgy live shows in squats in Berlin, getting their guitars nicked in Brussels, playing VW festivals that teurned into mini riots etc. Amazing memories, basically. To find this site with all its MC4 material is a nice addition to all this stuff I've recently fell in love with again. Respect to you for putting this together.
    And by the way, music didn't ruin my life. It saved me life. It's thanx to MC4 and Wiz and me and my mates hitching lifts to fucking horrible venues to see the band play that I realised there was a life beyond some shitty job in some shitty suburban town like the one I lived in. I genuinely believe that had I not had had those experiences back then I'd still be there and not where I am right now. God bless the good ship MC4 and that ever sailed in

  7. Jonny star
    Wow that's an epic tale of love, loss and the MC4.
    All very eloquently put whit great personal detail and I enjoyed reading every word of it.
    And yeah music both saved my life and ruined it, but it's not really music's fault that I grew so dangerously obsessive.


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