Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Shell Corporation: Force Majerure (Full Album Stream)

Well the Occupy Wall St. music has started to dribble in and the verdict so far is that, while it's sure better then any of the music of the Tea Party has produced, its a still a little earnest and self-conscious. Now while LA vets The Shell Corporation (ex-members of Time Again, A Wilhelm Scream, Madcap, The Briggs, Le Mu Le Purr), followers of righteous politics of punk tradition of the MC5, The Clash, Dead Kennedys et al, recorded this album before these uprising began they have produced a brace of muscular, scream-along punk songs that might inspire anyone opposed to the concentration of power in the financial districts to fight on.

Here's the requisite video:


Hat tip: It's a **** Thing.


  1. This makes me indescribably happy. Thanks for pointing this band out!

  2. It'a...
    thanks for tip, never would've heard this otherwise.

    Always glad to make readers "indescribably happy".


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