Friday, March 1, 2013

Bad Religion: Along the Way (1989)

This is Bad Religion at one of their peaks, the 1989 European leg of the Suffer tour. Considering the band was still comparatively low-profile in the late eighties, it's kind of amazing that they had fourteen shows filmed so well. The video's editors decided to cut back and forth between the footage from the different shows, meaning that the band member's shirts (or lack thereof!) seem to change from shot to shot. The soundtrack is, however, of one piece and it's pummeling!

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  1. I´ve got this on VHS! I saw them on this tour in Munich when interrailing that summer. The place was in a old factory of some kind and it was packed. Back home in Sweden they weren´t as popular. I consider them at their best around these years even if they are still listenable.


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