Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bad Religion: Live at the Hung Jury (1986)

A reminder that at one point in the history of American Hardcore, Bad Religion's (more HERE) containing two members of The Circle Jerks (guitarist Greg Hetson, obviously, but also on this tour drummer Lucky Lehrer) would be their greatest selling point. Reversals of fortune occur, even in punk rock. This surprisingly decent-sounding recording comes from a ten-date East Coast tour that the band did in 1986 promoting  the EP Back to the Known, all of which gets played here. As well we're treated to a Germs cover and, fittingly, a Circle Jerks cover. A fine night's entertainment.

    1.  We're Only Gonna Die
    2.  Part III
    3.  Latch Key Kids
    4.  What Can You Do
    5.  Damned To Be Free
    6.  Along The Way
    7.  New Leaf
    8.  Faith In God
    9.  Yesterday
    10. Voice Of God Is Government
    11. Bad Religion
    12. Politics
    13. Media Blitz (Germs Cover)
    14. Doing Time
    15. Parade Of The Horribles (Circle Jerks cover)
    16. World War Iii
    17. Fuck Armageddon
    18. Slaves

Let us know your take on this less celebrated era in BR history in the COMMENTS section!

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  1. Let us know your take on Back to the Known era BR right HERE!

  2. Never knew Lucky drummed for BR.


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