Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Undertones: Here Comes The Summer BBC4 Documentary (2012)

While this doc's view of seventies Irish pop-punk masters The Undertones are both more grandiose ("They became one of Britain's most iconic bands") and more conventional ("the musical landscape was changing") than the 2002 doc made by John Peel, it still adds a tonne of fascinating information and lots of new interviews to the  the story. Flaws acknowledged, I still loved every minute of it..

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  1. Love these guys! They played twice when I worked at The Showbox the theater in Seattle when it was cool and raw. Nice guys fun shows and after parties... Thanks for this and The Man In Black doc.

    1. I so wish I'd seen the original band...
      Glad you're enjoying the vids, more to come!

  2. Thanks for the video
    Great Doc about one of my faves punk-rock bands, it's good to see normal guys not looking to be stars... punk has changed for sure...

    Remi from


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