Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Richie Stotts: Man With X-Ray Eyes

To honour a request from Revolutionary Bum, here's the lone solo single from ex-Plasmatics man Richie Stotts from 1992. While I did not obtain this from the hair-rockin' Hear Rock City, when I did find it, it had the same three bonus songs as one the proprietor of that blog, Rocket had posted years ago. So, thanks, Rocket.

A         Man With X-Ray Eyes        
B         1944
(plus "Something Else", "Blessed Me" and "Noise is King")

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  1. Don't forget to leave behind a little COMMENT!

  2. Yow! Thank You jeffen... I had no idea if what this would sound like? I've just thought Stotts was an original to say the least as a performer/guitarist, I'll have to squeeze this in between my current rotation of favorites, heres to you... Cheers!

  3. yo, jeffen
    thanks for this.
    big fan of WOW & Plas.
    wanted this but always forget when
    I'm searching for stuff.
    now here it be.
    Richie was a big influence on my sense of
    (or lack thereof) style.
    most appreciated.

  4. Thank you, been searching for this one for years.

  5. any chance of a re up on this gem? says dead link.


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