Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shorty Jizzle and the Plumber Cracks: "Like a combination between Bob Dylan and a polka band'

Yes, it's juvenile cheap-shot at a soft target and, Hell, it may even be partly faked but this is a damn funny combination on the age-old 'band names are funny'  joke and the more cynical 'people trying to be cool are so gullible' gag. So, anyway, here's a member of Jimmy Kimmel's team interviewing aspiring hipsters at this years' Coachellea Festival and feeding them fake band names to see if they'll take the bait. Now, if only they'd named one of the bands, "The Emperor's New Clothes" this would've been perfect...

(If the embed doesn't work try this link)

I got this from the redoubtable Dangerous Minds who got it from the relentless Buzzfeed.


  1. Pretty funny! I hope Triumph The Insult Comic Dog was there too.

  2. wouldve been fun if it hadnt been so obviously faked. overdubbed interviews in 2013?

  3. Kaninfaan, do you insist on ruining it for everyone? Thanks for reality.


  4. Actually the CAPTCHA I had to type to publish the above comment is a pretty good band name...

    Argumentum ghunge

    Death metal?


  5. That is so funny! I think if I were to be chosen for a live interview like this, I would have pretended to know all the mentioned bands too. Be it plumber cracks or knick knacks or whatever good names you can think of, I would personally just said "Yes I have heard of all of them". I don't know, I guess it is human nature for us to pretend to always be in the know of everything and not just hipsters.


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