Sunday, April 7, 2013

What Music Did You Buy This Week? (04/03/13)

Watch out bank account, I'm spending like a right-wing politician elected on a balanced-budget platform! I've been pretty cautious these last few months, so I guess a splurge would not be out of character. The Moxy Fruvous (Canadian novelty-folk, unlikely to be profiled here) was only $5.00 and a cool find because it's a radio promo of a cassette that was never released on CD.


I paid full freight (about $22.00) for the new UK Subs album, XXIV, which is fierce affair, all 'pensioner-punks' slights aside.

The Graham Parker bootleg box was a cool item that I was hesitant buy until the price dropped to $21.00 for a six CD set [!]

The Rodriguez album, Cold Fact, has been inevitable since I watched the spell-binding Searching For Sugarman twice, once by myself, once with my wife and a friend.

I also downloaded the the re-issue of TV Smith's 1975 glam-rock band Sleaze (it was only $4.99 and the vinyl is $21.00!) plus the debut by NYC's Pedico because "Nixon Now" rocked.

So readers, tell us what music you've bought recently in the COMMENTS section!


  1. you indeed made some good purchases this week . . . any chance the GP will make an appearance hereabouts? i spent my hard-earned cash on a group of Kent soul comps at my local music store

    1. Posting an in-print item would violate MRML's prime directive but maybe I'll compile a set of some of my fave unavailable live GP releases.

  2. Compilations from Discogs, celebrating my youth: Rock Machine I Love You and a couple of Backtracks... on vinyl of course!

    1. I'd never heard of RMILY till now, thanks for the history.

  3. i didn't purchase it this week but i have listened to it a lot... the housemartins - caravan of love 12" single.

    chris freezing

  4. Kreator's "Terrible Certainty", E.S.G.'s "A South Bronx Story" and The Rolling Stone's "Goat's Head Soup" all on my all time favorite format, compact disc.


  5. Going back here into music history I bought two Jayne/Wayne County CD's... Live a Trucks and Rock N' Roll Resurrection. Plus the last Jim Carroll recording RUNAWAY EP recorded live in Seattle @ the Crocodile Cafe' a show I was fortunate enough to be at. Next purchase will be both CD and Vinyl versions of the new Iggy and The Stooges album Ready to Die!

  6. it's cool to see photos of your recent purchases. hope this becomes a regular feature of the blog. here are some of my recent pick ups:

    The Grapes of Wrath "High Road"--great return for this great 80/
    's/90's canadian jangle pop band
    Josh Rouse and Robyn Hitchock new CD's on the awesome Yep Roc label
    The Late Show Portable Pop--glad to finally have this on CD
    Corin Ashley "New Lion Terraces"--on of my favs of 2013.

    1. I shall need to check out the new GoW album, when that band is on they are amazing.

      I like Portable Pop but I'm not sure I'm ready to buy, I should go back and re-listen.

  7. It doesn't matter what I've bought this week because now I'm going to spend the week listening to Pete Wylie's "The Day Margaret Thatcher Dies"..... We've waited for this day for so long.....

    1. I didn't even know she'd died till I read your comment (but by 7:10 a.m. that day I'd already finished the first obit.)

  8. Hey Jeffen

    I have been in full Canadian jazz mode lately.Recent purchases include CDs by Phil Dwyer,Don Thompson,Kenny Wheeler,Hugh Fraser and Renee Rosnes.

    I just ordered the latest CD by The Fallen Leaves.I have the first two already.And also stuff by the Vancouver bands ... The Shilohs,The Matinee and Portage and Main.

    I have the new UK Subs(as you know) and the Rodriguez albums.Living in Sarnia,Ontario in the early 1970s I had heard the Rodriguez albums.

    Also recently got some New Orleans stuff ... Bobby Charles,Chris Kenner and Clarence'Frogman' Henry.

    And I just d'l 'Sleaze'.Yeah ... the vinyl is pricey.Sleaze is great!!!!!

    Holy cripes ... I AM BROKE!

    And TV Smith continues his reissue series ...



    1. A few thoughts:
      The Fallen leaves sounds good.
      I'm impressed that you'd heard the Rodriguez close to its release. Maybe it caught on in lots of former colonies (S.A., Aust. Can.)
      Yeah I want to get the Cheap re-issue.

  9. Working way too much OT the past two weeks, couldn't spend much time in the record store, but still got Lucinda Williams "World Without Tears" "Australaisian Tour Edition 2004" CD with bonus tracks for only $4.99. Only listened to it once, sounds as good as all her recent work, not sure how I missed it. A few songs are depressing as hell, but that's OK.

    1. I think Lucinda would be happy to be described ass 'depressing as hell.'

  10. That GP bootleg box is a real bargain...
    This week I bought
    Taste : On the boards LP (used)
    Wipers : Best of LO (used)
    Sloggy : Waiting for the war 7"
    6ft Hick/Hed On : 7"
    and intends to find today the latest Charles Bradley LP

    1. Yeah and I found the first GP box for even cheaper.
      Sounds like you had a good week too!


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