Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Did You Buy on Record Store Day 2013?

Music Trader (A.K.A. Indie-Rock Central)
Purchases: Titus' Andronicus' Local Business (new, $17.99), The Motors' Greatest Hits (used, $8.99)
Store quality: Hipsterific!
Buyers' Remorse: Low on the Titus, a highlight of 2012 but medium on The Motors which is an imperfect distillation of an imperfect band.
Clerks irritated: One (out of two).

The Folk Festival Music Store (A.K.A. Your source for classic rock, folk music and zithers)
Purchases: Undertones Positive Touch/The Sin of Pride ($18.99) The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem ($21.99).
Store quality: Folktastic,
Buyers' remorse: Very low for Positive Touch, which I love more every year but higher for Sin of Pride which is a pretty tepid affair and non-existent for The Clancy Brothers since it includes their first four, and probably best albums on two CDs.
Clerks irritated: one (of one)

Entertainment Exchange (A.K.A. Where the 90s go to die)
Purchases: The Methadones - Ill at Ease [$3.99]
Store quality: Entertaining with a high quantity of the Blues.
Buyers' Remorse: Low, I mean it's my least favorite album by Dan Vapid (ex-Screeching Weasel) and The Methadones but for less than four bucks – steal!
Clerks irritated: Less than one but there really wasn't sufficient time...

White Star Diner
Food Purchased: Pulled Pork Sandwich with Bacon, Tomato and Cheese.
Store Quality: Clean, well-lit and tasty.
Buyers' remorse: Two steps closer to death...
Clerks irritated: Too hungry to tell...

(P.S. Yeah I also bought the new double-CD re-issues of the first two albums by The Boys last week from the Folk Store and neglected to mention that!)

Needless to say the albums kick-ass and are in a far better format than the old both-albums-on-one CD I used to have.

So readers, tell us what you bought on (or near) Record Store Day in the COMMENTS section!


  1. Hey Jeffen

    Having moved from Vancouver to a smallish town may I ask ... what the heck is a record store?The only place to buy CDs/DVDs here is at Wal Mart(which I call Wally World).If I still lived in the city I would have toured the Vancouver stores[Zulu,Neptoon,Redcat etc.] on Record Store Day.

    I missed those reissues by The Boys ... on the buy list.

    I have been in a jazz mood lately so I have been buying jazz new and old.I love the 1950s/1960s Blue Note bebop stuff!And buying stuff by the homeboy Don Thompson.

    Now ... now ... The Motors.The first side of the first album by The Motors was played to death[at maximum volume] when it was released.And the song 'Airport' [off second album]spun in my head when it was released.Another album I played to destruction was Chris Spedding 'Hurt'.


    1. 1) Out of curiosity, Doug, which town?
      2) The Boys are worth it!
      3) 1950s/1960s Blue Note bebop stuff never goes out of style.
      4) I preferred the second Motors album myself and will have to re-listen to "Hurt" soon.

  2. Purchases? The Vagrant's "I Can't Make A Friend 1965 - 1968", The 13th Floor Elevator's "Easter Everywhere" double disc re-issue (both at the Folk store) and Rodriguez's "Cold Fact" (Music Trader).

    Buyers' remorse? Zip.

    I'm pretty sure I was a major clerk irritant - sorry everyone!


    1. Cool, I look forward to your review of the Rodriguez.
      I think the clerks are just easier to annoy on such a hectic day!


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