Saturday, August 1, 2009

Every One a (Punk Rock) Classic Volume 1

The Every One A Classic series of CD bootlegs (now all out-of-print) are well-curated exhibits of U.K. obscurities of the late seventies. The series' pieces lie somewhere between the glorious wussiness of the Shake Some Action or Powerpearls series and the caustic primitiveness of the Killed by Death or Bloodstains series.

(image courtesy of Bored Teenagers)

On Volume 1, the compilers show a bias towards mid-tempo shout-alongs whether it's in the form of the high-fructose power-pop of the Trainspotters,"Highrise Living" or the hard-charging punk rock of Horrorcomic's "England '77". Highlights of this wing include the keyboard driven "Blue Movies" by the Fascinators, the Acme Attractions echo-y, "Anyway", the Rivals cranked-up-really-high take on "Here Comes the Night" and the smack-pop of Xpress' "Junked up Judy".

(Image courtesy of Killed By Death)

Possible curios here include the we-were-a-pub-rock-band-just-last-week sound of Lenny and the Lawbreakers, who cover Kris Kristofferson's "Me and Bobby McGee" and the queerly-named Warm Jets, whose "Big City Boys" sounds a mite like a punk version of the Village People ("not that there's anything wrong with that").

Update: Go check out the archival wonderland known as 45 Revolutions for some learnin' on the Warm Jets.

1. Acme attractions Anyway
2. Fascinators Blue movies
3. Escorts Bingo
4. English Hooray for the English
5. Xpress Junked up Judy
6. Horrorcomic England 77
7. Warm jets Big city boys
8. Moving targets The boys own
9. Trainspotters High rise
10. Fun 4 Singing in the showers
11. Rivals Here comes the night
12. Shadowfax Calling the shots
13. Blunt instrument No excuse
14. Lenny & the law breakers Me and Bobby Mcgee
15. Now Nine oclock


  1. Just in case anyone busts a gut trying to find these, they were CD-only, not vinyl.

  2. Fixed!

    And might I say that being corrected by someone who really knows their shit (45 Revolutions /Low Down Kids)is actually a honour.

    Thanks for coming by.

  3. top post jeffen.some great stuff on this cd.hooray for the english is playing here at the moment.cheers mate!

  4. I believe Warm Jets must have taken their name from the "Here Come The Warm Jets" album by Brian Eno.

    "Junked Up Judy" kicks ass!

  5. gobshyte

    Glad you enjoyed - much more to come.

    Eno was the one who claimed 'warm jets' was a reference to male urination (hence 'queerly-named') and while the second Warm Jets (the brit-pop one) admitted to having taken the name from Eno we can only speculate where this version got their name

  6. Way I remember it is that the Warm Jets did indeed get the name from Eno. I don't know if they were also aware of the original term but, funnily enough, I visited the studio when they were recording "Big City Boys" (I was there with Jane Aire... gotta take the opportunity to say that!) and they confirmed the Eno thing then.

  7. Excellent stuff Jeffen. Thanks alot for this CD

  8. 45 Revolutions

    Well thus endeth the speculation. We have an answer to the Eno question plus for getting the inside scoop on the Warm Jets in the company of Akron' second finest female vocalist(assuming Chrissy takes first and Rachel Sweet takes third), a leading nominee for Best Comment Ever!


    P.S. Any chance of 45 Revolutions post on the Warm Jets? This infernal internet is devoid of info on them.

  9. Bio

    Thanks for the good words and on a drastically unrelated note I sent CallPastorBob a link to that Electro Hipies/Napalm Death split - he'll surely let us know what he thinks of that little Land Speed Record.

  10. I've posted wot's said in the '45 Revs' book on the blog.

    But hang on - who in their right mind would put Chrissie above Jane in the Akron list?? Officially, I believe it's:
    1 - Jane
    2 - Rachel
    3 - Chrissie


  11. That post offers a bucketload of great background (like that connection to Liam Sternberg and even a former Joe Jackson drummer - assuming that's the same Arms and Legs). I really appreciate you putting it up.

    Yeah, I'm a Chrissy fan, though remember as a young 'un growing up the late 70's in the North-Western part of the old empire that image of her in the red leather jacket on the front of the first (and I may say very good) Pretenders album) is burned into my memory.

    P.S. I added you to my blogroll just as a tip of the hat, your own blogroll is wonderfully succinct as it is.

  12. I'm not against Chrissie, mind - at least, not the pre-Jim Kerr version. "Talk Of The Town" would be in my Top 50 Singles Of All Time. But Jane Aire... blimey, "Yankee Wheels". Plus... well, PLUS.

    My Warm Jets date was cos Jane was supposed to be recording with Sternberg, but he was only then just finishing up mixing "Big City Boys" and then he fancied just watching telly... Bugger! I'd just been warming up my bv's, too, just in case...

  13. Since I was ten 1979, I dug through a lot of that new wave stuff in the mid-nineties (through the glorious form of the dollar bin) and that Jane Aire album seemed a little bit light for my tastes at that time. I will go and listen to it again, and check out "Yankee Wheels" which isn't on that L.P.

  14. rastus spunksnifferMarch 18, 2010 at 6:29 PM

    And whats more , the studpunk who put the E.O.A.P.R.C comps out has got a gorgeous bottom...check him out windmillin' down the Vauxhall in his jim-jams , givin' the young punks a stiffy....Oh if those toilet walls could speak.... - they'd paint a very different picture !

  15. rastus
    Well that sounds like a lurid little story waiting to be told.

  16. can you reupload this series please?? i love all the kbd-stuff. thanx in advance


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