Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Every One a (Punk Rock) Classic Volume 3

To reiterate our first post, "The Every One A Classic series of bootlegs (now all out-of-print) are well-curated exhibits of U.K. obscurities of the late seventies. The series' pieces lie somewhere between the glorious wussiness of the Shake Some Action or Powerpearls series and the caustic primitiveness of the Killed by Death or Bloodstains series".

(Image courtesy of Deadbeats and No Ones)

Still splitting the difference between rocking power-pop and sing-along punk, Volume 3 does tilt towards the pop (as any compilation featuring the maudlin yet infectious "Nobody Loves Me" by the Letters must), making for a fine display of pop obscurica. Highlights of this wing include, the call and response beat-punk of Really 3rd's "Every Day, Every Way", and the brilliant Valves (when's their compilation coming?) with their power-punk anthem, "You Don't Mean Nothing at All", which ends in an avalanche of little hooks.

(image courtesy of The 5P)

Possible curios (odd, not bad) include Dansette Damage's hilarious N.M.E, which slams the trend-whoring of the New Musical Express, while repeating it's initials just shy of one million times at the song's end and the once-topical but still less than tuneful, "Idi Amin" by The K-9's.

1. Future bodies Terrorist
2. Beez Do the suicide
3. Letters Nobody loves me
4. Really 3rds Everyday, Everyway
5. G Squad In my mind
6. Dansette damage NME
7. Cybermen Where's the new wave
8. Blitzkrieg bop UFO
9. Buzzards We make a noise
10. A.V.O 8 Gone wrong
11. Push Cambridge stomp
12. Private Sector Just wanna stay free
13. Valves It mean nothin' at all
14. The K9's Idi Amin
15. Joe 9T & the Thunderbirds Joe 9T theme

Download Everyone a Classic Volume 3 L.P.

If you're enjoying these seventies mod-power-pop-punk compilations, you should surely check out MRML's Shake Some Action posts.


  1. Brilliant! Many thanks again Jeffen :-)

  2. Great Stuff! But why are tracks 12 & 13 (Private Sector & The Valves) posted here?? They are from EOAC #4... and what about the missing tracks they replaced? Please?

  3. loving these compilations. Thanks

  4. Longy
    It's been a fun set of posts to put together and the best is yet to come!

    I noticed something funny was up. Sorry about that. They seem to be on volume four of the rips I have. You can fix 'em yourselves tomorrow!

    Ever-so-welcome, glad to inflict my obsessions on another.

  5. I wish Wesley Willis was still around. He would have done a killer cover of "NME"!

  6. But he'd have to mention Alanis Morissette at some point.

  7. I had about 30 seconds of a song on a tape I made off the radio in about 1980. Thanks to you (and a search engine) I was able to track it down: It Don't Mean Nothing at All - The Valves.

    Thank you thank you thank you.


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