Friday, August 7, 2009

Every One a (Punk Rock) Classic Volume 4

To belabor our original post, "The Every One A Classic series of bootlegs (now all out-of-print) are well-curated exhibits of U.K. obscurities of the late seventies. The series' pieces lie somewhere between the glorious wussiness of the Shake Some Action or Powerpearls series and the caustic primitiveness of the Killed by Death or Bloodstains series".

While once again on Volume 4, anthemic punk and hummable power-pop vie for dominance but with the addition of a batch of S-related mod bands (Seventeen, Squire and Smart Alec) the pop continues its ascension. Further highlights of this wing include the The top-tappin', head-boppin' "Language School" by the Tours, the the Hoax's punked-up Evis Costello-ish "Nice Girls", and the short, sharp shock of Dyak's "Gutter Kids" and last but likely most, UXB's "Crazy Today", which melds the angry passion of Stiff Little Fingers to the pop flourishes of the Records - a stone clasic of this or any era. This series just keeps getting better as it goes.

For more on the mighty UXB, go visit their MySpace!!

(Attention all fans of that wonderful seventies Irish variant of pop-punk: please visit MRML's previous Moral Support post here.)

Possible curios (odd, not bad) in this exhibit include, the uber lo-fi Anorexia with their arty-punk track, "Pets" and the devoutly Christian Moral Support whose "Just Where It's At Tonight" is full of loud handclaps and shouted exhortations (but as mentioned above, do check out their superior album).

1. The Cigarettes They're back again,here they come
2. Hoax Nice girls
3. Dyaks Gutter kids
4. Shag Nasty Looking for love
5. Victimize Where did the money go?
6. U.X.B Crazy today
7. 3rd men Your so fashionable
8. Moral support Just where it's at tonight
9. Seventeen Bank holiday weekend
10. Tours Language school
11. Squire Get ready to go
12. Private sector Just (wanna) stay free
13. Valves It don't mean nothing at all
14. The Jump Shake up
15. Smart Alec Scooter boys

Download Every One A Classic Volume 4 CD

If you're enjoying these seventies mod-power-pop-punk compilations, you should surely out check MRML's Shake Some Action posts.


  1. I am looking for Jimmy Pursey's solo album 'Imagination Camouflage'(1982).Never on CD.Maybe you have a vinyl copy to rip and post?Thanks.

  2. Excellent work again Jeffen. Still loving all these comps!

    Doug try here

  3. Well there we have it, Doug. Longy's got your solo Pursey (I'm still scared to listen to those albums). Be sure to leave a comment - it's a nice Pursey chat they had going on at that post.

    Thanks for the good words, Longy.

  4. Was Moral Support sans Andy McCarroll on their "Every One A Classic" track? Just curious. I love the "Zionic Bonds" album but do feel it odd they would make their band name so cumbersome by adding Mr. McCarroll's name to it. Unless, of course, said addition gave them a little more weight in the sales department...

  5. Brillant series. Thanks.
    Great "Shake Some Action" posts too - though the links for IV and VI seem to be faulty

  6. jeffen, go for it with The Adverts, I'm getting snowed under with re-posts, New posts and whatever else. Time is tight in the wolfs den at the moment. Hope yer keeping well. Stay Free!

  7. I just downloaded the very nice vinyl rip of 'Imagination Camouflage' off Punk Friction.Excellent!Thanks to Longy and Sir TakeOff.Pursey's first solo album was certainly a surprise.Probably had many a Sham 69 fan stunned.This album is my favourite Pursey album.Hard to believe the early 1980s Pursey solo stuff has not been reissued on CD.

  8. Thanks for all this great series! Love 'em all...

  9. CPB

    This is an earlier single. I gather Andy (who'd had two earlier albums) just got top billing later on

    IV seemed fine and as for VI you had to try the second link but I just went back and eliminated the broken link altogether. Try again. Glad you're liking the music.

    Thanks for the reply, hope the 'snow' begins to melt soon.

    Good news!

    Rock on, sir.

  10. Paul (UXB webmaster)September 15, 2010 at 12:29 PM

    Thanks for your kind words on UXB.
    If you're interested, you can hear a few more of the band's lost classics on

  11. Paul
    Glad the band enjoyed their little moment here in the spotlight - I hope to hear about a big re-issue sometime! Oh, and I threw the MySpace link into the post so more people can see it!


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