Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jawbreaker: Demos

Blake Schwarzenbach has a new band called Thorns of Life with 'zine master Aaron Cometbus. Way back in 1989, Blake began his career with Jawbreaker (with Adam Pfahler on drums and Chris Bauermeister on bass). Jawbreaker, like the SST bands of old, became standard bearers of a musically innovative, hard-touring, staunchly independent brand of punk (despite Blake claiming "I never was one"). Then, however, following a slew of tours, stickers, photocopied flyers, t-shirts, seven-inch singles, comp tracks and albums, Blake had throat surgery and the band signed to Geffen. That move, and subsequent change of sound, alienated most of their audience (this author included) but planted the seeds of a new one.

As for me, back in 1990 I found two then-recent seven inches in SK8 ( a skate shop that racked a bit of cool vinyl) ; Christ on a Crutch's You Crack Me Up and Jawbreaker's Busy. The former said that punk, of the hardcore variety, had present while the latter promised punk, of the rough but smart and melodic variety, had a future. Some of the tracks from that first seven inch (as well as future comp tracks and split singles) came from their first demos. A few of thsoe demo tracks were remastered for inclusion on their odds n' sods comp, Etc. Now you can listen to those first two demos in all their muffled, boxy-sounding glory.

Jawbreaker - Equalized (demo version)


  1. I've done those LOTNC 7'''s again Jeffen. Let us know if you need anything else done mate.

  2. Thanks Longy ,I'll have LotNC up myself soon!

  3. Seeing Jawbreaker on the "24 Hour Revenge Therapy" tour was one of the highlights of my 90's concert going experience. "Do You Still Hate Me?" also summed up the self-loathing aspects of my dating career nicely.

  4. CPB
    They were the archetypal 'zeitgest' band. Yet they transcended that time too. Neat trick.

  5. Blake is one of my favorite lyricists.

    So did anyone ever listen to the punk band Fuel (not the Epic major label band) cover "Shield Your Eyes"?

    Check it out on this album. It's track 15.

    -Chase Valentine

  6. Blake's one of punk rock's best lyricists and it's a damn competitive field.

    (Always liked that Fuel album especially the last track. "not Up For Sale' The "Shield your Eyes" bonus track sounds good too.


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