Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Every One a (Punk Rock) Classic Volume 6

For the final time we repeat our introduction, "The Every One A Classic series of bootlegs (now all out-of-print) are well-curated exhibits of U.K. obscurities of the late seventies. The series' pieces lie somewhere between the glorious wussiness of the Shake Some Action or Powerpearls series and the caustic primitiveness of the Killed by Death or Bloodstains series".

(Image courtesy of Bored Teenagers - see their in-depth article too.)

The series ends off on a more lo-fi note, with some of its most primitive finds (see Noise Annoys ultra-sparse, "Living in the World Today"as proof). Further highlights of this final wing include, "Drag it Back" which, while ostensibly a punk song in fact demonstrates the bag of the pop tricks Jimmy Edwards picked up in a decade on the English music scene, the dueling guitars and keyboards on the Head's dead-end sing-along "Nothing To Do in a Town Like Leatherhead" and Protex's "Don't Ring Me Up" with it's sheet-metal guitar riffing and sneering, propulsive hook.

(Fans of of Northern Ireland's late Seventies bumper crop of Ramones-fueled pop-punk bands are hereby encouraged to visit MRML's Protex posts.)

Possible curios (odd, not bad) include the Bleach Boys' quavery-voiced "Stocking-Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches" which Jello Biafra would appreciate and FX's proto-oi "South's Gonna Rise Again" which appropriates a post-confederate Dixie slogan for a terrace chant about football.

1. FX Souths gonna rise again
2. Limps Circa 2
3. The Rong Union jack
4. Noise annoys Living (in the world today)
5. Twisted nerve Neutral zone
6. Commited British crimes
7. Machines True life
8. Jermz Power cut
9. Bleach boys Stocking clad nazi death squad bitches
10. Mad dog Someone here must like me
11. Jimmy Edwards Drag it back
12. Ignerents I won't be there
13. Nasty media Spiked copy
14. The Head Nothing to do in a town like Leatherhead
15. Protex Don't ring me up

Download Every One a Classic Volume 6 CD

If you're enjoying these seventies mod-power-pop-punk compilations, you should surely check our MRML's Shake Some Action posts.


  1. These comps all look fantastic - thanks for sharing them out!

  2. Thanks again Jeffen and yes the blasting went very well cheers :-)

  3. Thanks for posting this whole series.
    Lots of fun stuff to sort through. That Rong track could easily be mistaken for Stiff Little Fingers, I think.

  4. Bishop
    Sharing strange shit is what we're all about - enjoy!

    Long may you blast. sir.

    Yeah once I start a series,I gotta finish it. And sounding like Stiff Little Fingers is a great thing (and has proved profitable for some!)

  5. A classic punk H-Bomb. It's just pure brilliance.

  6. "it" could signify the brilliance of the WHOLE album, the WHOLE series or just that "South's Gonna Rise Again" song by Jesse James that you can hear by just clicking the picture

    Which one is it?


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