Monday, August 3, 2009

Every One a (Punk Rock) Classic Volume 2

To recap our starting point, "The Every One A Classic series of bootlegs (now all out-of-print) are well-curated exhibits of U.K. obscurities of the late seventies. The series' pieces lie somewhere between the glorious wussiness of the Shake Some Action or Powerpearls series and the caustic primitiveness of the Killed by Death or Bloodstains series".

As a series EOAC continues primarily in it's mid-tempo, shout-along vein, (think the Professionals) but that's no weakness. Highlights of this wing include the blistering"YT502951D" which sounds like a cross between Dr. Feelgood and the Subhumans (UK 'natch), the crunching mod-punk of Sta-prest's "Schooldays" and the keyboard-y new wave of "The Telephone Rings Again" by the Not Sensibles. Then, finally, for a song where the interplay of each strum, thump and bang is designed for maximum dynamic impact and whose wide-screened chorus will bore right through your skull, don't miss Radio City's "Love and a Picture". (Maybe someone - hello Low Down Kids/45 Revolutions - can tell us something about this band who, for all the internet info on them, seem to have never existed!)

Possible curios include the Kidz Next Door featuring the lesser of the Pursey brother following in the footseps of his brother's band, Sham 69 (but don't miss the superior a-side here) or Cyanide's thuggish though not charmless take on "I'm a Boy".

1. Perfectors YT502951D
2. Quality drivel Stagnent minds
3. Sta-prest Schooldays
4. Kidz next door Kidz next door
5. Silent noise I've been hurt
(so many times before)
6. Bee bee cee You gotta know girl
7. Martin and the Brown Shirts Taxi driver
8. Psykik volts Horror stories #5
9. Long tall shorty Win or lose
10. Accident on the East lancs Tell me what you mean
11. Notsensibles The telephone rings again
12. Xtraverts 1984
13. Shock treatment Big check shirts
14. Radio city Love and a picture
15. Cyanide I'm a boy


  1. Radio City were James Sutherland (v), Robin Murray (g), Colin Matheson (g), Raymond Henderson (b), Tich Bremner (d). They were from Thurso in the far North of Scotland. Just the one single Love And A Picture b/w She's A Radio (Media Wave MV-001, 1980). If you search eBay you can get a good deal on volumes 4, 5, & 6 of the Every One A Classic CD's as a package.

  2. Bless you, sir.

    I know I just have to order the book (I'm scared of those overseas shipping rates - there isn't a North American Distributor is there?)

    Speaking of overseas shipping, that EOAC deal looks really good.

  3. Jeffen - "the book"? If you mean '45 Revs' it covers only 76-79... so Radio City, for example, aren't in it. A volume covering 80-82 is in the works, but it's going very slowly...

  4. Thanks Jeffen. Loving these comps.

  5. cheers mate.theses are some fantastic posts.the perfectors track is abrilliant.thanks again

  6. Thanx for postings these classics

  7. Thanks Jeffen, nice comps, I'm not sure but I think somewhere I have a great tune from the Perfectors called The Mysterons.
    Thanks again,

  8. great blog! please check out or maybe put it on your links

    thanks and keep up the good work!

  9. 45 revs.
    Cataloging all the independent new wave singles of the United Kingdom thirty years after the fact is a mammoth undertaking (and a worthy one) I wish good luck on Volume 2 to all involved.

    Most welcome,I'll keep 'em coming for a bit.

    Yeah the Perfectors were great. On the slim chance that you (or another reader) haven't visited their mini-site, here's the link:

    My pleasure - enjoy.

    Frank Miller
    "Mysterons" is great (you can hear it on their aforementioned mini-site) it's artier but without losing the balls or the hooks.

  10. i was listening to this on my eyepodd on my way to work today and was humming along with the 'not sensibles'.do you have anything else by them?ive only got one other.cheers jeffen

  11. a big thanx to jeffen,trash,longy,gobshyte,45,+etc..
    hope to do similar works in future, if i can get my head round the technology, and my wife round the investment!
    Cheers All!..gargoyle (p.s. thanks 4 your bristolian comments longy, it's only your southern shandy that keeps my perspective ;~}

  12. Gobshyte

    I'll look into posting some Notsensibles (their singles collection is out-of-print right now).


    Let us all know when you get the site up(the technology is not the hard part). It should be great!

  13. Nice that people listen to The Perfectors after all this time. I didn't even know we'd been bootlegged til years after.

  14. We still listen because the Perfectors made great music that doesn't quote sound like anyone else - the good stuff can't stay hidden forever.

    Thanks so much for coming by and commenting, still hoping for one of those Detour-styled re-issues one day!

  15. Fantastic to think people still get a buzz from us 30 years after... some copies have been going for silly money on e-bay recently... wish I had one!

  16. James R.C>

    Fantastic is the right word, for what you guys did. Maybe one day I'll get to hear the b-side!

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

  17. hey Jeffen, still want to hear that Radio City b-side? Drop me a line at


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