Friday, February 12, 2010

Graham Parker: That's When You Know

Graham Parker, like Dylan, played the lone troubadour with an acoustic guitar. Parker's self-described "Lonely-boy-on-the-road-and-in-the-bedsit" period was very low profile and collections of this material didn't show up until the 21st century. That's When You Know is such a (now out-of-print) collection of demos from 1975 and is actually quite revealing. Songs like "That's When You Know" and "I Got My Soul" show off his raw talent as a singer and as a songwriter, sans hyphen.

(Click the picture to read GP's fabulous liner notes)

Re-upped That's When You Know CD (Part One)

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  1. Been looking for this one for ages...thanks!

  2. Error message when trying to open.... :(

  3. Thanks, I didn't even know about these. W.

  4. Hi, MRML. Thanks for this, and I look forward to Part 2. Just to let you know, Track 7 of the Demos is listed as a corrupt file. The others opened fine.

  5. Anon
    It's a cool one, too bad it's disappeared!

    Anon II
    Fixed, I think...

    Anon III
    Ultra-obscurities are out specialty here!

    Anon IV
    You're welcome, let me know if the re-up works.

  6. yes thank you thank you thank you for this one! The CD is like $150 on Amazon

  7. cheers mate... this is a nice surprise.... i take it "part 2" is forthcoming....

    looking forward to it!

  8. cheers mate... this is a nice surprise.... i take it "part 2" is forthcoming....

    looking forward to it!

  9. Jeff
    It's out-of-reach for the average listener and that fits the profile of things MRML likes to post.

    Anon V
    Yup, not till Monday though (unless I get an objection from anyone in the GP camp).
    (I was going to post it all but the file was too big plus the two discs are ENTIRELY different animals.)

  10. Hi again, MRML...Anon IV here reporting that the re-up works just fine! Thank you so much, and I look forward ro the hearing the live disc on Monday, hopefully. Thank you again for sharing this awesome rarity! Your blog rocks, and I'll check out your new one as well (I'm an old record store employee are definitely a kindred spirit). Take care.

  11. Anon IV

    (Glad to know the r-up worked, even though I split the two albums unevenly)
    Thanks for the good words. And please leave a comment over on TLRS, I'm always looking for good stories.

  12. This download is missing 3 songs; only 12 tracks instead of the 15 on the CD.

  13. Thanks for some Grahams

  14. Thank you! this & Marble Arch eluded me for over 30 years. I can't thank you enough for the GP & Dave Edmunds. I grew up listening to them in the Navy in the late 1970s/early 80s. I was a GP nut till the up escalator ruined it for me (altho stupefaction was good:) thank you!

  15. This is GREAT!!! I really appreciate this as the copy on Amazon USED is $59.99 US. Just got out of sugery for the second time in a year and can't afford that price. You made an an old rocker very happy. Is part 2 on the way or did I miss something? Please let me know.


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