Monday, August 15, 2011

Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners: Crazy Date (1986)

(Thanks to regular reader/commenter Doug P. for this guest post)

The recently remastered and expanded reissue of The Blue Shadows 'On The Floor Of Heaven' album got me thinking of other bands that were gigging around Vancouver in those days. Bands like Buddy Selfish and his Saviours, Herald Nix and Ray Condo. Ray Condo and his Hardrock Goners put out 5 great albums.The first two were the out-of-print albums 'Crazy Date'(1986) and 'Hot 'n' Cold'(1988). I particularly liked the addition of a fiddle to the rockabilly sound.

Later Ray Condo formed a band Ray Condo and his Ricochets that was more in a western swing style that even covered jazz standards.Unfortunately, Ray passed away in 2004 but has left a fantastic musical legacy. Ray Condo and his bands certainly deserved much more success.

The Hardrock Goners drummer Peter Sandmark(Slim Sandy) has posted info on Ray Condo.

Many of Ray Condo's albums are for sale as CDs and downloads from the regular sources.Crow-Matic Records has two excellent compilations for sale.Both compilations are recommended.

A detailed discography can be found here.

Track Listing
A1 Greenback Dollar
A2 Your True Love
A3 Sunset Blues
A4 Freight Train
A5 Her Love Rubbed Off
A6 Skala Bop Baby
A7 Crazy Date
B1 Willing And Ready
B2 How Come It
B3 Jolie Ti Catin
B4 It Don't Matter To Me
B5 Who's Baby Are You? / Oh Baby
B6 Push Button Boogie
B7 Pocketful Of Rainbows

Since your friendly neighbourhood Blogger is taking some time away from his computer, the link for Crazy Date is HERE but since I've holstered my Crackberry like a six-gun, COMMENTS are still requested.


  1. Hey Jeffen

    Thanks.The Hard Rock Goners drummer Peter Sandmark(Slim Sandy)has a You Tube Channel.

    I note Ian Tiles(Buddy Selfish)presently playing drums with Slim Sandy & the Hillbilly Boogie Boys.

    Buddy back in the day:

    and Buddy on the 'Bloodied But Unbowed' site:

    I am dearly waiting for a DVD version of 'Bloodied But Unbowed'.

    Slim Sandy at cdbaby:


  2. Very happy to see this up there for those that don't have it already. My favourite band from the late 80s, especially live. Best rockabilly band around, maybe because their musical interests went way beyond just rockabilly. Their side project (mostly without Ray), the Crazy Rhythm Daddies, were also great.

  3. I agree about Crazy Rhythm Daddies.Great live and released a couple of good albums.

  4. Sometimes I wish I was a teen Vancouverian back in them days.....

  5. Got to the post a year late, and the link is now dead - can it be reposted somewhere?

    ray condo was indeed wildly good live, and his records are also rop notch. was very pleased to see some of his bandmates touring as the Vipers with Petunia recently. Another band you don't want to miss.

    1. Wonderful game and the blog has shown excellent video. You will learn a lot from the post

  6. Ray condo and his hardrock goneers crazy. Useful post

  7. Hi fans!

    I still have a couple of the Crazy Rhythm Daddies first CD available, factory sealed, unused.
    Please e-mail Marc at
    First come, first served.

    Marc (Canada)

  8. PS: new book coming out on Ray Condo very soon.
    See here:

    Marc (Canada)


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