Sunday, August 21, 2011

V.A. Teenage Treats Vol. Eight (1977-1982)

(Alas, Roberto's supply of killer cover scans is done - and the images have grown dire - so if anyone has ANY kind of scans for T.T. V.'s 7-9* let me know!!)

Here's a new series (well, the late 1990's, really and even then...), consisting of ten volumes that explore the seedy underbelly of the already seedy underbelly that was British punk rock in the late seventies and early eighties.

Ascension Day (Razar, 1978, from 1.7")
Juvenile (Dalex, 1981, from only 7")
Blame It On The Youth (Xtract, 1982, from only 7")
Rather B. Crazy (Charge, 1979, from 1.7")
I'm The One (White SS, 1978, from only 7")
Radio Iceland (Those Intrinsic Intellectuals, 1980, from only 7")
Action By Example (Demons, 1980, from 3.7")
Marilyn Brown (Oscillators, 1980, from 2.7")
Someone Here Must Like Me (Mad Dog, 1979, from Is The War Over compilation EP)
Factory Girl (Deranged, 1980, from Rupert Preaching At A Picnic compilation LP)
Walking The Tightrope (The Arnold, 1980, from When LP)
World War Album (Two Fingered Approach, 1982, from only 7")

Comments are what keep the rarities flowing...

(Link for TT # 8 is HERE)

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  1. Thanx Jeffen,never seen this...

  2. Thanks for this Jeff I was thinking you never completed this series but figured you would whenever.....also thanks for the Agit Prop volumes, can't get enough of that stuff. kepp up th good work

  3. Thanks - an interesting selection of bands

  4. Hi -

    Jon, Bassist from the Dalex here! Glad people are still listening to what we did all those years ago!

    Great Blog BTW.

  5. Brilliant! Cheers Jeffen,your a star :)

  6. Roberto
    Glad to give you something new - you've given us at MRML a LOT of cool stuff.

    Yeah even tough I was gone I had to keep inundating y'all with goodness.



    Hey thanks for the music and for dropping by and leaving some good words. Maybe I'll post the rest of single - it seems to have been ignored by all the usual blog suspects.

    Hey this one was for you, I'd put the series on ice but then you reminded me to finish it!
    So I hope it was worth the wait, (despite the lack of cover art).


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