Thursday, August 18, 2011

V.A. Agit-Prop: The Politics of Punk Volume One

Back in 1997 Cleopatra Records compiled a heavily Anglo-centric history of punk and politics that dealt primarily in the years between 1977 and 1983. While far from perfect it's loaded with great tracks:

Disc one

Land of Hope and Glory Ex Pistols
Fight The Cuts The Mekons
Unionize Redskins
It Says Here Billy Bragg
Don't Dictate Penetration
Old Tart Poison Girls
Death of the European The 3 Johns
Spirit of The Falklands New Model Army
Paved With Gold Joolz
Atishoo Morgans
Chemical Warfare Dead Kennedys
The Murder of Liddle Towers Angelic Upstarts
Irrelevant Battles Patrik Fitzgerald
No Respect Newtown Neurotics
Suspect Device Stiff Little Fingers
Right To Work Chelsea
Selfish Few Chaos UK
Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You Chaotic Discord
Hitler's In The Charts Again The Exploited

While I'm away from my main computer for a spell (hence the link for Agit-Prop Vol. 1 being right HERE), I'll still get to read all the COMMENTS, so please give us your take on this series.


  1. Some goodies here, thanks.

  2. looks great. can't wait to hear it. been curious what the 3 johns sound like...

  3. all the stuff there i know, i like, so the rest is probably going to be appreciated. thanks, and have a good time away from the internet.

  4. Nice post, some really good songs here.

  5. i've always been sort of baffled by the seeming dichotomy of "punk is political/punk is not political" argument. why must it be so binary, and not include hundreds or thousands of shades of grey?

    i suppose that's a bit like saying "hundreds or thousands of shades of pregnant" on some level.

    thanks for posting this. some bands i know and love on there, and some i've never heard of. i'm looking forward to checking it all out, and future volumes as well.

  6. thanks commenters - I enjoyed reading your words on my phone as I trudged across the country


    Yeah punks always had a complicated relationship with politics...

  7. Thank You. I remember buying this in toronto when it came out. The name 999 is on the cover but there is no 999 song on this compilation.

  8. Nevermind that 999 statement. My memory was playing with me.


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