Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Statistics: Dumb (1979)

Roberto's Rarities:
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The Statistics (Jones-Owen guitar,vocals - Barry O'Brien drums - David Leversedge keyboards - Alan Thomas bass)- Dumb/Home movies 7" (Tyger, UK, 1979)

A tight-rocking pair of songs with hooks, power and stinging use of Farfisa organ. Do not miss this fiery little fucker.


This has been a pretty good series thus far:

Lotsa cool rarities

numerous downloads

but few damn comments!

So I invite you to go to the COMMENTS SECTION

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Thank you.


  1. Hey!

    This has been a pretty good series thus far:

    Lotsa cool rarities

    numerous downloads

    but few damn comments!

    So now that you've pressed the COMMENTS button

    (Likely in order to download the Dumb 7'' )

    Maybe it's time to offer a few encourage words.

    Thank you


  2. Love this stuff! Keep 'em coming!

  3. that's a blogger's life, the people have nothin' to say and that's sad sad sad, know this from mine...

    Cool EP, rare stuff, thanks!

  4. statistically speaking . . . above the norm.

  5. statistically speaking . . . above the norm.

  6. hey thanks to both for this stimulating series

    nice rarities are always welcome


  7. Anon
    Will do - and partly because or readers like YOU!

    It is part of a Blogger's Burden but I refuse to suffer in silence and by in large that's helped create a community of commenters.

    P.S. Like what you're doing over there and added you to my blogroll.

    nine times out of ten!

    great to hear from you man and thanks for the good words for me and Roberto.

    glad you're liking it.

  8. Well, i agree with you and I urge folks not longer, sometime I post only one plate per month and then all they can see from the back, you know.

    Thank you for the add, I've added you to my "Friends" list.

  9. Hiya,

    I wrote this song way back when. And sang it (not so well). Glad one or two of you like it after all that time.

    Sax on Dumb was by Bob Morgan a v. talented musician.


  10. David,

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!
    This is fantastic single and when I originally put it up (the link is gone now) it got a slew of downloads, so the word has spread!

  11. Thanks Jeffen.

    Bob Morgan's stuff with Steppin' Out is worth a listen. He was ahead of the Police in being reggae-influenced. They had a great drummer. He also wrote the tune Marguerite with its soulful clarinet with used to accompany the pictures in Tony Hart's TV programme (Vision On?).

    I played bass on another micro-classic from the same Tyger label around the same time: Red Box by I Jog and the Tracksuits, written by Graham Tracksuit who was originally in The Statistics.


    1. There's a blog that's covered Bob Morgan quite well - you should check it out!

      And while we're going link crazy this guy did an okay post on I Jog and the Tracksuits

      Hey do you any biographical info on The Statistics (or any interest in jotting one down)? I was thinking of re-posting this and I'd love have a bit more background on the band!

  12. Jeffen - David pointed me here, I played drums on this and the I Jog track, I havent seen Bob Morgan for a year or two but he still occasionally offers me guest list spots when hes gigging except I dont think his geography is so good, either that or he doesnt quite know where I live. The last time I know this track was played in public was at a party in Holland for Alan who played bass on it, still rocks though doesnt it? let me know what you want and i'll put something together


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