Monday, December 12, 2011

Bloodied But Unbowed: The Life and Death of Vancouver's First Punk Scene 1977-1982 (3 DVD Deluxe Version)

Director Susanne Tabata sent me a copy of of the three DVD version of her documentary "Bloodied But Unbowed: The Life and Death of Vancouver's First Punk Scene 1977-1982" and after taking it all in, a wonderful but complicated procedure, I have produced a review. Please come and read the review HERE and if you enjoy it, leave a COMMENT and/or pass it on!

Bloodied But Unbowed's site HERE

Doug said...
Link to Knowledge Network version of 'Bloodied But Unbowed':


  1. Hopefully I'll get a chance to check this out. I dig this kind of stuff.

  2. Hey Jeffen

    I did not get the 3 DVD package.Maybe I should have!The 1 DVD version with the film(and a bunch of videos and live performances as extras)is excellent.A very fine documentary.

    The Bloodied But Unbowed site is also pretty fantastic.


  3. WoW!
    I've got the first DOA EP and the Pointed Sticks single, among others...
    This would be a grand thing to see...

  4. What is the song that is being played during the video. I really like it.



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