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V.A. Last Call Van. Indie '77-'88 (Now with 44 page BOOKLET!)

Once again the magnificent Roberto has come through with hi-res scans of the 44 page booklet [!!!] for the aural history, V.A. Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988. The liner notes are written by Grant McDonagh of Zulu Records (a store and a label, which were both vital to Vancouver's musical development)  and Tom Harrison, supportive music critic of The Province (and leader of Bruno Gerussi's Medallion!) .

Thanks to COMMENTS from readers, as well some further research, I've added lots of new links to  where further music is available elsewhere (including other blogs). If anyone has either rips n' scans of out-of-print releases by the bands herein (or links to other blogs where they are available) please let us know in the COMMENTS section.

1.01     Furies–     What Do You Want Me To Be        
1.02     Skulls –     Fucked Up Baby        
1.03     D.O.A. –     Disco Sucks       (More HERE)
1.04     Stiffs –     Fuck You        
1.05     Generators  –     I Wanna Be A Girl        
1.06     Dishrags –     I Don't Love You   (more HERE)
1.07     Active Dog –    Nothing Holding You  (more HERE)  
1.08     Biz –     I Don't Give A Shit        
1.09     Shades –     New Clientele        
1.10     Pointed Sticks –     Real Thing    (more HERE)    
1.11     Private School –     Science Fiction        
1.12     Subhumans –     Slave To My Dick  (more HERE)      
1.13     Young Canadians –     Hawaii     (more to come)
1.14     Female Hands –     Divided By Three        
1.15     UJ3RK5 –     Eisenhower And The Hippies  (more HERE)    
1.16     Modernettes –     Barbra     (more to come)      
1.17     Insex –     Off The Deep End        
1.18     AKA –     634 Dog        
1.19     Secret V's –     Waiting For The Drugs To Take Hold        
1.20     Tim Ray –     Seen A Fight        
1.21     Corsage –     Shame I Feel        
1.22     Popular Front –     Synchronized Swimming        
1.23     54-40 –     Yank        
1.24     Scissors  –     Mystery Movie        
1.25     Los Popularos –     Can't Come Back    (more to come)    
1.26     Moral Lepers –     Music Is Your Body        
1.27     Enigmas –     Teenage Barnacle       (more HERE)
1.28     Actionauts –     Party Dog        
2.01     Family Plot –     The Crush        
2.02     Nomeansno –     Self Pity         (more HERE)
2.03     Work Party–     Work Song        
2.04     Bolero Lava –     Inevitable     (more HERE
2.05     I, Braineater –     Edge  (more HERE)      
2.06     Go Four 3 –     Just Another Day     (more HERE)   
2.07     Animal Slaves –     Learning To Live   (also see HERE)     
2.08     Brilliant Orange –     Happy Man         (more HERE)
2.09     Slow –     Have Not Been The Same    (more HERE)    
2.10     Shanghai Dog –     American Desert    (more HERE)
2.11     No Fun –     Be Like Us       (more HERE)
2.12     Cannon Heath Down –     Bone Of Contention        
2.13     Lost Durangos –     Evil Town         (more HERE)
2.14     Herald Nix –     Dirty Ol' Town        
2.15     Poisoned –     To Tell The Truth         (more HERE)
2.16     Bob's Your Uncle –     Talk To The Birds        
2.17     Rhythm Mission –     King Blood        
2.18     Scramblers –     Solitary Man  (available HERE)       
2.19     Oversoul Seven –     1 + 1 Is 3     (more HERE)   
2.20     Hip Type –     Darker Than This

If you missed the music itself go HERE.


Roberto scanned all those pages, e-mailed them out and then I chopped them all down to a regulation size, so please feel free to leave a thought for all the words we've brought you today in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the link for Last Call booklet).


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  3. Hey Jeffen

    Hopefully folks will pop by Sudden Death Records to support Young Canadians,Modernettes,Pointed Sticks and D.O.A..

    And No Fun was a lot of fun!


  4. Since you didn't respond to my question, made above, could, at least, please, delete my comment, since I don't have the option to do this. Thank you.

  5. Did anyone figure out the password for the Go 4 Three link? I didn't see it in the original post.

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    You're Welcome!

    I should add that link shouldn't I?


    My link was just to the d/l, password is 'password' (really).
    I fixed the link now.

  7. Wow -- this looks amazing. Thanks again for your crazy dedication!

    -- Snatzo

  8. crap, had i been paying more attention i might have noticed you needed this. i have the cds, the booklet and a scanner sitting beside my desk (yeah, the cds are here, i listen to this regularly). great compilation i bought from the zulu store on a trip out west shortly after it was released.

  9. and thanks for the extras in the links - i grabbed the no fun ep first since anything by them is tough to find.


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