Thursday, December 15, 2011

Subhumans: No Wishes, No Prayers (1983)

After Gerry Hannah (more HERE) went underground, vocalist Brian Goble and guitarist Mike Graham replaced him with Ron Allan for The Subhumans' (more HERE) one-album dalliance with the influential-but-iniquitous record label, SST Records. For those keeping score at home, that means the Subhumans' first two full-length albums are solely owned by (different) labels who will neither keep the albums available or release them back to the band. While the album is hampered by the loss of Hannah's song, it's still got a slew of classic Subhumans moments like, "Canada's Favourite Sport", "Slap in the Face" and "No Wishes, No Prayers".

No Wishes, No Prayers

LP, SST Records, SST/Enigma E 1005, 1983.

  1. Canada’s Favorite Sport (W. Roy)
  2. Moron Majority (W. Roy)
  3. For the Common Good (W. Roy)
  4. Helicopter (M. Graham)
  5. Slap in the Face (W. Roy)
  6. Screwed Up (Case, Webster, Tannett, McDonagh)
  7. America Commits Suicide (M. Graham)
  8. Hiroshima (M. Graham)
  9. No Wishes, No Prayers (W. Roy)
  10. Mobile Electric Chair (W. Roy)
  11. Breaking Point (M. Graham)
  12. Googolplex (W. Roy)

Let us know what you think of The Subhumans final album of the 20th century in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the link for No Wishes, No Prayers).

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  2. Jeffen

    Thanks.I did not have this album in digital form.Very much appreciated.


  3. What the hell SST?!? Do you have to keep ruining things for bands, fans and, now that I think about your post 87' signings, ears?

  4. heh, sst has a lot to answer for. i think i've turfed the last of their releases in anything other than digital form as even seeing their name and crappy design makes me ill.

  5. I was too pale and scared and lumplike and afearin' the first time around for a lot of this good stuff, so I do appreciate the chance to touch the anarchy (from the safety of 25 years later, of course!)



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