Monday, December 26, 2011

My Want List: What I Didn't Get For Christmas!

MRML's Want list!

So you're all familiar with the give/receive binary and how the former is widely considered to be optimal  here during the jolly season.

Therefore in order to give you, dear readers, a chance at betterness, here is a list of out-of-print releases for which MRML is seeking donations of decent quality rips  and cover scans for:

If you can help, please feel free to e-mail me at:


  • Mega City Four: Any demos (1987-1994)
UK pop-punk

  • The Gas: Emotional Warfare (good rip) + early singles. (1981)
UK new wave

  • The Cry: Leave Your Bones in the Hallway (1981)
Canadian new wave/power-pop

  • Ruggedy Annes: Jagged Thoughts (1984)
Canadian indie-punk

  • V.A. - Not Just Mandella (1987)
UK pop, punk, indie compilation

  • On the Air: Ready for Action 7"
UK mod-punk w/Simon Townsend (Pete's bro)

  • Swalk: No Shame (~1983)
Eighties glam-pop w/ Jo Callis

  • Modernettes: Gone But Not Forgiven LP (1981)
Canadian power-pop

  • The Payolas: China Boys/Make Some Noise 7" (1979)
Canadian power-pop

  • Wreckless Eric: Yuletide 45 (1990)
UK/France rock n' roll

  • Poisoned 12" (1986)
Canadian Eighties new wave band w/ Art Bergmann

  • Rise: Joy 12" (1990)
Canadian melodic hardcore

  • Doug and the Slugs:  Ten Big Ones LP and any radio broadcasts (1979-1981)      
Canadian new wave

  • The Slugs (-Doug) "Running Around" 7" (1981)
Canadian new wave

  • Graham Shaw: Good Manners in the 80's (1981)
Canadian new wave


Speaking of of all that giving, MRML loves fitting musical donations of Mp3's and cover art (as you shall see in just a few hours, meine freunde). So if you think you're in possession of other out-of-print treasures not listed here (nor available at cooler blogs) by all means let me know at the e-mail above!


  1. I have V.A. - Not Just Mandela (1987) on vinyl somewhere
    Africa - Billy Bragg &The Neurotics
    Fighting talk - Real By Reel
    Nobby - Porky the Poet
    We will win - Paul Howard
    Bury your sins - Some Other Day
    The ballad of airstrip one - Attilla the Stockbroker
    Falling for nothing - The Sullivans
    Beano - Porky the Poet
    Every fifth man is guilty - The Internationalists
    You - The Housemartins.

    Give me a few weeks to find, couple my amp to the PC & it's yours.

  2. What's on the Modernettes LP? I've got the Get It Straight reissue/compilation.

  3. I have the Ruggedy Annes 12." Are you looking for an MP3 rip or an original copy?

  4. BarrieB
    I'm not in a great rush. Keep me posted

    There's stuff there that is NOT on GIS

    I just need the Mp3's, if you're so willing (or if you're going to post it at WO, that's fine too.)

  5. I love "Joy" by Rise. Such a great song for those first really great days in spring. I remember having a mix tape with that on and many spring days were spent listening to that mixtape (and "Love Is A Battlefield of Wounded Hearts" by the Hard-ons) and driving around the backroads of Wisconsin during college. I have it off an album. I hope that you get the 12' because-with hope- you will put it up here for us to enjoy as well.


  6. Will try to get the Ruguedy Annes up in a few days. Found it at Other Music in New York for a dollar last year.

  7. i started ripping Ruggedy Annes before reading the comments. I’ll still rip (since I haven’t for myself even) but if you still need it let me know.

    love your site.

  8. Nick
    I'll get it up here one day...

    If P Leitch sends me a copy I'll post it but I'll still link to your post, if you do one. If you're just hearing it for the 1st time, I'm sure you'll have something interesting to say about it.

    p Letch
    PLEASE send me a rip, that'd be awesome (even better if you scanned the back and the lyric sheet!)

  9. The Ruggedy Annes ep is up!

    Very cool record. The lyric sheet wouldn't fit on my scanner so I took a pic of it instead. You may need to enlarge it a tad, but it's still quite legible.


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