Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Die Toten Hosen: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is EP (1994)

Die Toten Hosen (more HERE) followed their 1991 punk covers album, Learning English Lesson One, with an all-English album of originals called, Love, Peace & Money in 1994.  That album (which I bought in the dollar bin at Extreme Noise in Minneapolis in '95), seemed a bit grunge-damaged at the time but now sounds like a fun rock-punk mix with Wagnerian production.

This EP, donated to us by Bristolboy from the fantastic My Life's a Jigsaw (as a response to this gift from our reader, Roberto - don't you just love the cycle of giving!) comes from that album. Both album tracks, "Love Song" and "My Land" are cynical and utterly catchy and well worth your time. It seems lesson two of the band's plan to learn English was to form an alliance with The Boys, whose members Honest John Plain and Matt Dangerfield get writing credits on every song on Love, Peace & Money, including the two aforementioned anthems. One of those Boys, John Plain also get a co-writing credit on the terrace-echoing football song, "Long Way From Liverpool" and (I believe) he and Dangerfield pitch in on a foul-mouthed-but-still-kinda-clever cover of "Guantanamera" that would've sent Pete Seeger into an axe-wielding frenzy! Plus you get the band running through "Whole Wide World" with it's writer, Wreckelss Eric (more HERE) on lead vocals.

Track listing

"Lovesong" (Breitkopf/Frege, Plain) − 3:41 (English version of "Liebeslied")
"My Land" (Breitkopf/Frege, Dangerfield) − 3:55 ("Willkommen in Deutschland")
"Whole Wide World" (Wreckless Eric) − 3:19 (Wreckless Eric cover)
"Long Way from Liverpool" (Breitkopf, John Plain/Frege) - 3:01
"Guantanamera" (Joséito Fernandez) - 3:20

And in case you've missed them: 

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  2. a great way to end this year,TH are great fun,and as a Boys fanatic how can i miss this?
    Many thanks Jeffen & Bristolboy,have a real good time!

  3. Roberto
    Thanks back at you. Enjoy this piece of fun!

  4. thanks. great blog


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