Friday, April 13, 2012

Doug and the Slugs: Love Shine (1984)

For an even briefer moment then their fellow eighties CanCon radio stars, The Payola$ (see HERE), Doug and the Slugs were a part of the Vancouver punk scene documented in Bloodied but Unbowed (see HERE). The band edged closer to bland as the decade wore on but as chart fare of the era goes they were never less then decent, as "Love Shines" nicely demonstrates.

These new D & S rips and scans were generously provided by ace archivist BristolBoy from My Life's A Jigsaw, who deserves a flurry of thanks!

Before the MoFo's at MF locked my files, MRML had posted EVERY (out-of-print) Doug & The Slugs albums and you can see them  here!

Hey Sluggers, let us know what you think of this later period single in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the single link).

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